Sailer’s Greenhouse

Opening soon!

Opening soon!

Megan and Kelly did their annual “fieldtrip” out to the greenhouses today.  Mark, Peggy and Nikki are always so gracious in letting them come out and work.  I know when they were little, they probably weren’t much help, but nowadays, they really work hard and get stuff done.

One of the jobs Mark & Peggy had the girls doing was putting hangers on the baskets.   You know all those baskets that you see hanging from the tops of the greenhouses that at some point you hit your head on?  They are responsible for those.  It’s a good fine motor skill and now they are allowed to laugh at me when I smack my head this spring.  ha~

Getting dirt under the nails!

Getting dirt under the nails!

Starting to fill up!

Starting to fill up!

The girls also had to tag pots, which I’m assuming means they put the names of the plants into the soil, so people like me can read them and say, “oh, that’s what that is!”  These two are really starting to know their types of plants.  This tagging process also includes putting the prices on the plants as well.

Still smiling after a hard days work.

Still smiling after a hard days work.

I think these are a type of coleus & potato vine.  My favorites.

I think these are a type of coleus & potato vine. My favorites.

One of their favorite parts of the job today was riding around on the four-wheeler.  They absolutely love this machine.  I call it a machine because when I’m standing next to this thing, it’s pretty huge.  Mark was driver today, which bummed them out.  They love it when he lets them drive, but I’m guessing it was all business today and he needed to take the wheel.  In the fall, when there’s less stress around the greenhouse, they get to drive.  They said they were hauling bags of soil, plants, and other supplies around to all of the greenhouses.  A lot easier than having to carry all of that to their destinations.  Yikes!  The girls were excited to tell me that they sat in that little square compartment in the back.  I’m so glad I wasn’t there to watch!

Mark's toy~

Mark’s toy~

Back to the pretty plants…Megan and Kelly also got to put soil in the planters and actually plant some flowers to get them started on spring blooms.  Some of the plants out there, start from a seed and this wonderful lady that works for Mark & Peggy has that job.  Her name is Frieda and she is 80 years old and loves this job.  Mark says they give her an entire greenhouse to herself and she just plants all day and enjoys every minute.   By the way, she certainly looks fabulous at 80!   Wish I would’ve snapped a shot of her.  She deserves to be on the blog!  I’ll get her next time.

Once the girls started working (and everyone else), I took my stroll through all of the greenhouses, just absorbing the heat and sunshine while enjoying the aroma of fresh flowers and the all the pretty colors.  It’s my “me time” for the day.  I look forward to it every spring break, just as much as the girls look forward to working there.

Signs of spring~

Signs of spring~

Here is one of my new finds this year.  They had a little display of these cute owls made out of rocks.  Love them!  I am definitely getting one or more of these.  Adorable!

Look, its "Hooters!"

Look, its “Hooters!”

Some of my new favorite plants are the succulents.  They come in so many colors and Nikki is really great about designing them in planters and pots that look so unique and fun.  She is so artsy, not only with the plants but with all of her displays throughout the year.


They have a lot more this year than last year.  I asked her if they sold a lot last year and she said, “yes, they were very popular.”   I put some out on my deck last summer and they lasted until October, when it finally started to get cold at night and in the mornings.  They are such a hearty, desert plant that you only need to water once every couple of weeks.  You can also bring them indoors when the frost comes (for us Minnesota folk).   Jeez, I sound like a billboard or an ad for succulents, don’t I?   There just so easy and look nice anywhere.

Even in a slipper!

Even in a slipper or high heel!

My friend Beth, has her eye on this purse.

My friend Beth, has her eye on this purse.

This would look good at my house.

This would look good at my house.

On our trip out today, we brought Jazz along so that she could run around a little and enjoy some freedom with Riley and Jake.  Boy did she get to run around!  Riley is too old to run much anymore, so he came around, sniffed her a bit and then went back to where he was laying down.  Jake on the other hand, was super excited to have a friend to play with.  We don’t think Jazz considered Jake a “friend”.  He was all over her and she didn’t care for that too much and even let our some growls.  If you know Jazzy, she’s quite the timid dog and never reacts to much, so when she did some growling, we laughed and praised her.  “Good girl for standing up for yourself”.   Jake didn’t mean anything by it and just wanted to have some fun.  Jazz just isn’t used to that kind of play.  When I brought her home, she was exhausted.  Went out on to the deck, flopped down and slept for an hour.  Funny~

After about five hours of labor, it was time to return to the greenhouses and pick up my girls.  When I got there (with shamrock shakes in hand), they weren’t even excited to leave.  I think next year, we’ll shoot for an eight hour day!    ha~

Thank you Mark, Peggy and Nikki!

Thank you Mark, Peggy and Nikki!

*One of these years, I’ll get Peggy in this shot.  ugh~



  1. Looks fun! I cannot wait to see that green outside, and the warmth. Those owls are very cute!

  2. It’s almost like a vacation in Hawaii isn’t it? I don’t know what you are talking about though—I don’t remember hitting my head on the pots. Good work, Girls!

  3. So how much commission are you on for selling the succulents?I do like the slippers and who wouldn’t want a cute purse to go with.
    What a great way for the girls to spend there day.

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