Spring Break With The Girls

Comedy Night~

Comedy Night~

Since we’ve been on spring break this week, my co-workers and I  had to have  a “girls night out”.  We all decided it would be fun to go to a comedy gallery and have some laughs.  We did this last year too, and it was a good time.  Last year we chose the ACME Comedy Gallery in Minneapolis.  We thought we’d try a new venue this spring break.  We headed over to the Mall Of America to the House of Comedy.

Before heading to the comedy club, we needed to get some dinner and drinks in us.  That always makes the comedy much better.  We found a place on the 4th floor called, Dicks Last Resort.  This restaurant is known for its sarcasm towards the customers.  They tell you this right away so that you’re not insulted when they say mean things to you or yell at you to “sit down!”

Becky with her new friend, Dick.

He’s no Bon Jovi. but he’ll do for tonight.

We got seated near the back and our waitress was kind of rude and loud, but she’s suppose to be.  I’m sure she’s a very nice person after work.  ha~  As I said, we needed some drinks to get our night started and this place sure does make them large!  Elizabeth ordered a margarita and we all laughed when it came to the table.  This was king size, or in her case, queen size!    How great is that!

She got to keep the glass too!

She got to keep the glass too!

Even the beers were over-sized.  No one seemed to complain and we all enjoyed our beverages.  It sure took care of our thirsts and we knew that we’d need to hit the bathrooms on the way out.

Typical bottle on left...grand size on right.

Typical bottle on left…grand size on right.
Peggy & I working on our "monster-size" beers.

Peggy & I working on our “monster-size” beers.

Our night was going well and the laughs and fun stories had begun.  This restaurant was full of surprises.  As we waited for our food, our lovely, cranky waitress came back with these white paper hats that we all had to wear.  She wrote something nasty and/or sarcastic on all of them.  It was so funny to read each others.  *Warning!!!…they are PG 13 rated.  We looked pretty silly, but had a good laugh at ourselves and other’s in the restaurant as well.   The food wasn’t that great, but the atmosphere was perfect for our “spring break” night.

My co-workers are the best!

My co-workers are the best!

After dinner, we headed over to the comedy club and saw some funny guys that continued our laughter for the night.  It was a great way to hang out and let loose for an evening.    Next year, we hope to all be on the beach!  Right ladies?




  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t like mean people, I don’t think I would like it. Sounds like you girls had fun though!

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