Seaside Dinner

Sandra & JIm relaxing~

Sandra & Jim relaxing~

Yesterday, we had our monthly get-together with Jim and Sandra.  It was our turn to host dinner and we decided to do a “Seaside” themed dinner on this hot summer day.   Nate did most of the meal planning, since he would be the chef that day…I just came up with the idea.  ha!    We needed the three most important ingredients that you’d enjoy down at the beach and they needed to be easy to eat.  Our menu included:   Lobster Rolls, Crab Crostini, and Shrimp & Andouille Sausage skewers.  For the side dishes, I made a Lemon Parsley Pasta.  Megan made a delicious Watermelon Salsa as an appetizer.  Dessert:  Strawberries & Cream Poke Cake.

Let’s start with the appetizers…Kelly and I were off to an appointment this morning, so I asked Megan to make the watermelon salsa for me.  She hung out with Dad in the kitchen and had plenty to do.  These fruit salsa’s are a bit time consuming because there are so many types of fruits and vegetables that go into them, along with cutting them into tiny, bite-size portions that fit onto a chip.  Megan still has the sting and taste on her fingers from cutting up the jalapeño.  That was a first for her and she will probably ask for gloves next time.   She did a great job and it tasted so fresh and summery!   Thank you Megs~

Her salsa matches her outfit!  :)

Her salsa matches her outfit! 🙂

As our guests arrived, Nate got busy on the grill.  He found his shrimp & sausage recipe on Pinterest that he wanted to make.  They were little skewers that were fun to pick up and eat.  So simple with so much flavor.  Loved them!

Finger food at its best!

Finger food at its best!

The guests were here and it was time to invite them to our seaside party.  Okay, so we don’t actually have the sea nearby, so we improvised and called our deck “The Boardwalk.”   This is where we hung out all evening, soaking up the warm weather while enjoying some fancy drinks to keep cool.

The Seaside Table...the best seating you can get.

The Seaside Table…the best seating you can get.

Pomegranate-Key-Lime Cocktails.  So refreshing!

Pomegranate-Key-Lime Cocktails. So refreshing!

We had some extra guests with us this time.  Sandra’s daughter Christina and her daughter Paula joined us.  They are in town from Puerto Rico for a couple of months, visiting “Grandma Sandra.”   Paula is such fun to have around.  We saw her at Christmas time this past December and she wasn’t walking yet.  Now that she has turned one, she is all over the place.  We knew she was coming along, so Megan and I stopped at Target this week and bought a big, pink bouncy ball and bubbles.  Who doesn’t love bubbles!  We had such a good time playing with her and keeping her busy and it didn’t take long for her to  warm up to all of us….even Jazzy.

She's got a good kick!

She’s got a good kick!

Trying to catch a bubble~

Trying to catch a bubble~

When Paula first got here, she wouldn’t go on the grass.  Her mom says that she doesn’t like the feel of it.  We worked on it for awhile and eventually we got her onto the grass and she was off exploring.   She went all over the back yard, tried climbing that big hill of ours and found all of the flowers to smell and touch.  The rest of the night, we couldn’t keep her off the grass!  ha~

Plucked a flower right off!

Plucked a flower right off!

After all that exploring and chasing after a one-year old, we grown-ups were getting hungry.  Nate assembled the Lobster Rolls and Jim poured the wine.   Once again, we sat out on the Boardwalk Seaside Table and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the family.

Time to enjoy!

Time to enjoy!

Ended the meal with my Strawberries & Cream Poke Cake.  Yum!

Ended the meal with my Strawberries & Cream Poke Cake. Yum!

It’s always a good time when we get together with Jim and Sandra.  We get caught up with their lives and fill them in on what’s happening with the Solbergs.   Jim and Sandra will be leaving for Boston over the Fourth and we will be heading to Sheboygan to visit the other side of the family for our Fourth of July.   I love doing family gatherings…whether it’s at the seaside or just your backyard, it’s important to get together, eat delicious food, and have a good time.

Goodnight Paula! I think she had fun~

Goodnight Paula! I think she had fun~

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