Permission Granted!

A big day!

A big day!

We now officially have a teenager with a permit to drive.  Yep, Megan passed her written test this morning and I had her out driving this afternoon.  She has been busy these past two weeks, taking the class required before the written test can be taken.   I would drive her over to First Class Driving School where she would sit through a three hour class for ten days.  There were so many kids signed up for this class, that they had to move it to a larger building across the street to fit them all in.  I guess summer is the most popular time to take this class.  There’s no time during the school year with all their homework.

Where it all begins.

Where it all begins.

This morning, we had to drive over to the Eagan Driving Center where they have computers set up for the kids to take the test.  There are 40 questions on the test.  The computer corrects it right away after each question, so you know how your doing.  That could be a little nerve-racking if you’re not doing so well. You can get up to 8 wrong and still pass.   So if you get to 32 and haven’t gotten any wrong yet, you are done and do not have to finish the rest of the questions.  But if you miss the first eight questions…you’d be done and that would be embarrassing.  ha~  No worries over here, Megan did fine and got through it with ease.

This afternoon, she wanted to go over to her friend’s house.  She asked if she could drive just part of the way.  I took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”   I drove down the busy street, then pulled off into a nearby school and we switched positions.  I had her drive through the school parking lot before we entered onto the street.  She kept asking if I was nervous.  I told her no and I really wasn’t.  It was kind of fun to share this moment with her and we were smiling and laughing all the way to her friend’s house.   I had to give a few instructions, but overall, she did well for her first time being on the road.  I loved that her friends were waiting outside, watching her come down the street.  It was cute and they were all smiley too.  Fun teenage moments!

Here we go!

Here we go!

She’s not quite ready for the big roads just yet, but that will happen in the next month or two.   I signed her up for her firsts “Behind The Wheel” with a driver’s ed teacher.  She will go out with them and drive around the neighborhoods the first time, the second time will be downtown Minneapolis, and the third one will be through St. Paul.  Okay, I might be a little nervous on those, but I know they have that special break on the passenger side if needed.  I think Nate may have to practice with her on the highways and leave me to the neighborhood driving.    The adventure begins!

Her practice car for Behind the Wheel.

Her practice car for Behind the Wheel.



  1. Oh my gosh! She looks quite confident. And she will soon be driving in Minneapolis and St Paul? Good for her. You will get a break too – “Megan, will you run to the store and pick up…” not to mention all the other events you can miss.
    (Just hope that 2nd brake works for now! Ha) Jere

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