A First For Everything~

We’ve had a couple of “firsts” around here these past few weeks and I thought I’d share them with you.  Megan has been looking for some ways to make money and help pay for all of those Starbuck’s and Caribou’s she enjoys with her friends.  So Nate offered her a job mowing the lawn.  She was pretty excited about this because some of her girlfriends do this as well.  She was quick to tell Nate how much they earn per lawn, so of course, we have to “keep-up-with-the-Jones’s” so to speak, and pay the same wage.  Teenagers gang up on us parents that way.

Nate got out the lawnmower and began lesson one.  Of course, I had to get out my camera and Megan was not happy.  She says, “Really Mom?”    haha.   She’ll thank me later.


He showed her all the ins and outs of the machine and the proper way to to get those cool lines down your lawn.  She did pretty well, but needed help getting it started.  Nate says it always takes a couple of pulls.  He made need to be there each time for that, but once it was running, Megs took control.

She also needed to learn how to take the bag off and on and empty the grass.  Ish, such a dirty job but she didn’t mind.  I’m glad I had three brothers growing up, so I didn’t have to do this.  I would always worry that something would fly up and hit me in the face.  ha~

How to detach the bag~

How to detach the bag~

He made her put it on and off by herself, but I noticed that he gets to wear gloves!

Now, how to put it back together?

Now, how to put it back together?

It’s a job that she doesn’t mind doing too often and loves getting some cash to go with it.  She gets to enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air.  I guess it’s more fun than pushing the vacuum around inside.  That doesn’t seem to happen very often and maybe I just don’t pay enough.

Job well done Megs!

Job well done Megs!

Today, Megan had another “first”.  She wanted me to take her to Target so she could use some of her gift cards.  She’s been wanting to buy a “Longboard”.   I had no idea what that was so she explained to me that it is similar to a skateboard.  Oh, my Tomboy is at it again.  Well, it’s her money, she can spend it how she likes.  So off we went and came home with this longboard that has a cool painting of a wave on the bottom and a textured top, I’m assuming for gripping your shoes.  She was so excited to try it out and called her friend Noelle up to come over and watch and help give some techniques, because she has tried this before.   I was a little nervous about Megan wearing flip-flops and mentioned my concern.  I just got a look that said, “Mom, leave us alone please.”   I first took a picture then I walked away, but pretended to be busy working on my flowers while keeping my eye on her out in the cal-de-sac.

My new purchase!

My new purchase!

As with any type of skateboard, it’s not something you just get up on and start riding.  She was wobbly and fell off a few times but laughed all the while.  After a few tries, the girls decided to walk to the park, where there were hills to go down.  I reallly didn’t like that idea, but kept my mouth shut and wished her good-luck.   My phone never rang, so I’m assuming she’s not coming home all bloody and bruised, but maybe I could suggest some knee pads and a helmet next time?  I’d feel better about that anyway.  It’s a Mom thing~

Think they wanted to get away from me.

Think they wanted to get away from me.

On to Jazzy’s “first” for today.  She and I were outside today, in the front yard just hanging out.  As always, she goes running to the neighbors house to smell around their yard and visit her buddies.  The other dogs weren’t out but she did stumble across something and was very excited about it.  I noticed she was pawing at something in the grass.  I went over to investigate, and there she was pawing at a bird that was either hurt or playing dead.  I noticed it was still breathing, so I told Jazz to get away and come back.  She followed me and I thought that was the end of it.  I was pulling out the hose and about to water my plants, when she came trotting over and dropped the bird right in front of me!  Ewww!!!!!!   I screamed and dropped the hose.   Jazzy was so proud of her catch, that I had to take her photo.  Then I had to figure out what to do with this dead bird.  It was breathing a couple of minutes ago at the neighbors, but she took care of that.

She's smiling!

She’s smiling!

I kind of panicked and grabbed a plastic sandwich bag from the kitchen, inverted it, then grabbed the bird an put it in the bag.  That was disgusting and made me shakey.  I’m always afraid that the “Mom” bird is watching and will come attack me now.  ha~  I don’t think you’re suppose to put plastic in the yard waste, so Nate may have to fix that and dump him out.  I won’t go back.

Okay, so I’m back with my garden hose ready to water.  I made Jazz stay nearby so I could keep an eye on her.  I finished up the watering and began rolling up the hose, when all of a sudden, Jazz leaps up and starts running after a low-flying bird.  She heads through the neighbors house on our right and I was worried she’d go into the street.  I waited a few seconds then started walking towards their house.  She came around the corner of their house, carrying the bird in her mouth!   Oh my gosh!!!   I let out another scream and said, “Jazz, what is the matter with you!”  “You need to stop this!”   She brought it right to me again and dropped it at my feet.  Gross!

Quoting by brother..."senseless killings"

Quoting by brother…”senseless killings”

Again, it was still barely breathing but she kept wanting to just play with it.  After texting my sister, she told me to use the pooper scooper, if this happens again, so I had to run to the backyard to get it.  By the time I came back, Jazz had moved the bird and of course, made sure it wasn’t breathing.  I had to go find it.  It wasn’t hard to spot, because Jazzy wouldn’t let me pick it up.  She kept taking it away as soon as I’d try to scoop it.  ha!  I finally told her to “stay” and she cooperated.   Mean Mom!

She wasn't happy with me at this point.  I took her toy away.

She wasn’t happy with me at this point. I took her toy away.

I just hate when these things happen to me while I’m home alone.  I sent Nate a few pictures of my horrifying experience today.  I know he just laughs at me and will take care of the rest when he gets home.  I have a weak stomach and this is not good for me.  But I feel I was brave today for picking up two dead birds, so for that….this is one of my “firsts.”

Thank goodness that was it for dead birds for one day.  I am now enjoying an ice tea out in the front yard while blogging and Jazzy is being very good and laying down.  No more hunting today.  I also reminder her that she is a Pointer, not a Retriever.


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