Megan’s Vacation


While Kelly and I were out researching the Maya people, Megan was up North in Nisswa, MN on Gull Lake.  She was invited by her friend Courtney, to join their family for a week of vacationing at the Grandview Lodge.   She had so much fun and the timing was perfect after a hard week of soccer the week before.  It was time to relax.

Chris and Jen (Courtney’s parents) were kind of enough to send us pictures throughout the week of their activities.  It was great to see what fun stuff they were doing and of course, we were totally jealous.  They had a gorgeous week of warm, sunny weather as well.

One of their first activities was to take a ride on the “Banana Boat”.  This was a like tubing, but with a bunch of people.   Megan says the boat goes super fast and you get whipped around pretty good.  While they were on their ride, the girl in front of her was thrown off the boat, which made the boat uneven, so they eventually flipped the boat and off everyone came!  This is not a ride for me.  I would hate this, but Megan said she had a blast and loved every minute of it.

A roller-coaster on water!

A roller-coaster on water!

Another fun way they kept cool, was to play Water Wars.  This is a two-player game in which you each stand behind a wooden board with holes in it.  Each has a sling-shot and balloons.  The goal is to launch your water-balloon at the other’s board and get them wet.  This seems more my style~


Ready, aim…fire!

They also had some “dry” activities going on at the resort as well.  One of them was outdoor Bingo on the picnic tables.  They also always had access to the ping-pong table.  Megan & Courtney are used to playing soccer and using their feet to kick the ball, Chris said they weren’t so great at using a paddle to hit the ball.   ha~  Better stick to soccer girls.



A couple of times they went out for pizza.  Megan loved this pizza place up there called, Zorba’s.  She is still telling me how great the pizza was.  Hmm, sounds like Nate has some competition.  He better make one of his soon, so she forgets this Zorba’s place.

Dining's the best!

Dining outside…it’s the best!

You can’t go up North and stay on a lake without waterskiing or in Megan’s case…wake boarding.  She has water-skied before and enjoys it, but this was her first time wake boarding.  She said it is really hard to do, but she got up on her second try.  I wish I could’ve been there to watch her!   Way to go Megs!!!

Love this picture!

Love this picture!

When it was time to leave, the kids had to have one last moment in the water, so they hit the pool on their way out.  Thank you to the Anderson’s for taking Megan with you and sending us these fabulous pictures.   We really appreciated that.

Megan, Courtney, Tyler & his friend, hanging at the pool~

Megan, Courtney, Tyler & his friend, hanging at the pool~



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