A Day At The Fair~

It’s State Fair time and once again, we spent a good chunk of our day walking the fairgrounds, eating delicious food, looking at the arts & crafts, and of course, did some people watching.    We always start at the Birthing Barn and this year, we just missed a calf being born…I was relieved.  Didn’t want to see that right of the bat and lose my appetite.   We chose to turn around and go see the cute little chicks at the other end of the barn that had recently hatched.  More my style and our favorites…the baby lambs.  This little guy was born less than 24 hours ago.  Loved their little fuzzy heads!

Hanging out with Mom~

Hanging out with Mom~

We left the baby animals and headed straight for the Dairy Barn.  It’s 10:45 in the morning, the perfect time for a malt.  As we walked through the Dairy Building, we usually get to see the Princess Kay of the Milky Way heads, carved in butter.  But since it is only day 2 of the fair, they were just starting on the first Princess.  The malts tasted delicious and got us underway in the food category.

One of the buildings that we enjoy is the Fine Arts building, along with the 4H building.  We knew it was going to be a hot day, so we decided to go through these buildings in the morning when it was a bit cooler.  We’ve been in there in the afternoon and they really get warm with no air-conditioning.  On our way, we passed O’Gara’s place.  The O’Gara’s  are my second cousins.  I went inside to find Anna O’Gara and say hello, but she didn’t seem to be around.  Maybe next year Anna.


Next place was Megan and Kelly’s annual corner stop at Quesadilla Junction.  They love to order the Bacon and Cheese Quesadilla and Nate found a Cheese Curd place right next door.  This was a no-brainer for us, “kill two birds with one stone” kind of a corner. A very tasty, greasy, fattening corner that we all enjoyed.  ha~  It’s what the fair is all about.

Can you say...yummo!

Can you say…yummo!

We needed to walk after all that grease and get some exercise, so we headed over to the Grand Stand.  The girls have never been in the Grand Stand building, so this year we told them they have to at least experience it once at the fair.  It’s a lot of those “As Seen On Tv” type of booths and lots of things to buy such as, clothing, purses, gadgets and just some weird stuff.  Here’s what the girls found.

Can we get these Mom?

Can we get these Mom?

As we approached the building, we heard some music and Nate noticed some actors off to the side.  We were curious and had to take a peek.  Turns out they were from the cast of Spamalot, the musical.   We listened to them sing a funny song about the Holy Grail and they did a few dance moves.  Nate and I saw this musical a few years back and it was hysterical.  Brought back fun memories of that night out.

There was a girl dressed up in a SPAM costume too.

The mermaid and her men.

Because we’re in Minnesota, there was a girl dressed in a SPAM costume along with them.  ha~


Once we finished with the Grand Stand (and didn’t buy a thing), we walked along the streets some more and took in the hot sunshine.  We spotted a sign for Frozen Grapes and that sounded perfect to help us cool down.  The girls each got a basket and tried them out.  They were a little hard to bite into at first and so cold!  After letting them sit for a minute, they really hit the spot.  Juicy goodness and our first and only healthy thing we ate today.


Talking about being healthy…look he we found….It’s A.P or to us Minnesota fans…Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings.  We had a little fun with him today.  🙂

Nate's new Best Friend~

Nate’s new Best Friend~

Megan's date for Homecoming~

Megan’s date for Homecoming~

Kelly got us season tickets!

Kelly got us season tickets!

We were close by the Horticulture Building, so that’s where we headed next.  I love going in here and seeing the fruits & vegetables and we always enjoy the crop art.  This year I saw the first place ribbon for the largest head of cabbage.  I don’t get how all these vegetables are judged and one of these years, we will have to ask.  I don’t get how one green bean beats out another?  Seems silly, they all look the same to me.  ha!

This is what a first place cabbage looks like.

This is what a first place cabbage looks like.

A "Wicked" crop art.

A “Wicked” crop art.

While at the Fair, one must always take a walk through the animal barns…or some of them, in our case.  Megan and Kelly like to go see the horses while Nate and I always have to see the largest pig.  Hey, it’s tradition.  In the horse barn this year, the girls did a little craft.  The booth said, “Be a fan of horses and make yourself a horse fan”.   Since the barns are about 100 degrees and smelly, this fan appealed to them.  They pulled yarn through some holes and made a mane for their horse-on-a-stick, of course.


Ta-dah! Simple yet effective.

Ta-dah! Simple yet effective.

We caught the Clydesdale horses heading to a competition.  They are such big, pretty horses.  Love all the bells they wear too.


Our last stop for the day was at the International Bizarre.  This is not Nate’s favorite place, because it’s all about the shopping,  but he always walks along with us.  We love all the colorful clothes, jewelry, blankets, accessories, etc that are in this area.  So much to see and just jam packed.  I had to try on a fun hat that I thought would be cool to wear, but it was too big for my head.  What do you think?

I love it!

I love it!

Kelly was looking for a purse to buy, but just couldn’t find the right one.  As I said, it’s a bit overwhelming in there.  Nate did find something at the Bizarre today that he enjoys, so I told him to go buy it.  I got one too.  Cheers!

Something we know we like~  Refreshing!

Something we know we like~ Refreshing!

We were tiring out and started making our way to the exit.  Then we remembered that we didn’t get our Sweet Martha’s Chocolate Chip cookies.  Can’t leave the fair without them!   We headed around the block (because we know exactly where this place is) and loaded up a cone full of warm, chocolaty goodness.  Mmm…such a sweet, delicious treat!

Our "Cone of Shame"

Our “Cone of Shame”

That raps up another year at the Minnesota State Fair for us.  What a gorgeous day and it truly was fun spending a day with my family.  We had a great time!




  1. Looks like a fun and yummy day, Cathy!  We always ended the day with Sweet Martha cookies for the road, too!  ha

  2. You packed a lot into your day I think the hammock that the girls were swinging in might be perfect right now.Loved the Peterson love fest you had going on there.What a great family day out.

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