Time For Pumpkins~

Teenagers and pumpkins!

Teenagers and pumpkins!

The sun came out this afternoon and I was determined to get our pumpkins.  Megan had two of her friends over and they were just hanging out, so I asked them if they’d like to ride out to Sailer Greenhouses and get some pumpkins.  They thought that was a  good idea, and I think they just needed something to do.  We grabbed Kelly too, and headed over.

Megan drove us over to the pumpkin patch and we headed straight to the pumpkin displays.  I’m sure glad we decided to come out today, because the pumpkin supply has dwindled and so had the mums.   That’s good for Mark, but bad for us.  We still had many pumpkins to choose from and the ones that they did have left, were gorgeous.  It was hard to choose just one.

Loading our cart~

Loading our cart~

Megan’s friend Noelle likes cats and she found Jack out near the pumpkin patch.

Careful Noelle, black cat crossing your path...bad luck~

Careful Noelle, black cat crossing your path…bad luck~

After playing with the cat and Riley, their dog, the girls finally took some time to pick out a pumpkin for themselves and we had to find one for Nate as well.  Kelly always chooses one of the largest ones and Nate has to carry it back to the truck.  Since he wasn’t with us this year, I told her she had to pick one that she could carry.   She narrowed it down to two…then carefully chose the one that would soon be carved.

That's a keeper!

That’s a keeper!

Mine's in here somewhere!

Mine’s in here somewhere!

Megan chose a tall one.

Megan chose a tall one.

After we had chosen our jack-o-lanterns, the girls asked Uncle Mark if they could take out the four-wheeler and do a little riding around.  They love doing this and he said yes.  So off they went zipping around the back of the greenhouses.



While they were spinning up dirt and mud, I did a little more shopping inside.  I picked up some squash and gourds for decorating and visited with my niece, Nikki.  She does such a great job of decorating around the greenhouses with all of her lovely displays.  I enjoy looking at them every year.  Always something new to see.

Planning on making some dinners using butternut & acorn squash.

Planning on making some dinners using butternut & acorn squash.

My new cell phone…


Love this spooky tub!

Love this spooky tub!

This wizard is watching over these creepy gourds.   So neat!


Our last stop was to go see the vegetables.  I asked the girls to pick some tomatoes for me that I could use in our dinner tonight.  Nikki gave them each a brown back and they filled them with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and some peppers.  So delicious, I can’t wait to eat them!

Cheap labor~

Cheap labor~

Searching for tomatoes on the vine~

Searching for tomatoes on the vine~

Look at what these girls picked!



We had a terrific day, once again out at the greenhouse.  It’s always fun to visit, play with the animals, get caught up with Mark, Peggy & Nikki, and of course, get the best pumpkins and vegetables around.


I also have to thank my teenagers for spending their day off with me.   Thanks Noelle, Kelly, Emily and Megan!   I had a great time with you girls~


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