Sixteen is Sweet!

Our baby girl is growing up!

Our baby girl is growing up!

It was a pretty exciting day around our house today.  Megan’s birthday has arrived and not only has she turned sixteen, she has changed her look a bit.  When asked what she’d like for her birthday, she told me that she wanted to color her hair.  I made her an appointment for this morning and off we went to the salon.  Both of us smiled as we walked into salon full of women being pampered.  Some were drinking tea while having their hair styled, some were relaxing with a magazine, and lots of chatter and laughter could be heard throughout the entire place.  Ah, heaven for us ladies.  I was a little jealous that I wouldn’t be sitting in one of the chairs today.   Once Megan was underway, I left to do some grocery shopping, then returned to see the results.  I did take a before and after shot.  She loves her new look and it looks very natural.  The gal did a great job, with a little help from my experienced stylist.

The things we do for beauty!

The things we do for beauty!

From blonde to light brown with pretty carmel highlights mixed in.

From blonde to light brown with pretty carmel highlights mixed in.

We think she looks a little more like her sister now….what do you think?


Megan had a few other gifts to open tonight on her special birthday.  Aunt Terry mailed her gift to the house.  Megan was thrilled to get two season’s of her favorite show…Friends on DVD.  Big smile for Aunt Terry!


Megan likes soft things (like her mother), so she got a new pair of super soft sweatpants (just like mine) and a new pillow!  Who doesn’t love a new pillow!  ha~

So squishy!

So squishy!

There was one last, very special gift that Megan was to receive this 16th birthday.  When she was two years old, I used to take her to visit Great-Grandma Schinka in her assisted living apartment.  They would have ice cream and spend time together.  Megan called her “Grandma Ice Cream”.  One time while we were visiting, Grandma pulled out a box and gave it to me.  She told me to give this to Megan on her 16th birthday.  She told me to open it.  I did as she asked…and in the box was her diamond wedding ring.  She said, “I want Megan to have this.  She is very special to me and we share a special bond.”  sniff-sniff.   After all, she is Megan Grace, named after her great-grandmother.  I have been keeping this box for 14 years now, waiting for this day.  Megan was very touched by this gift tonight and I noticed at dinner, she was wearing the ring.  We’ll have to find out what year Great-Grandma got that.


Thank you Great-Grandma~  We miss you.

Thank you Great-Grandma~ We miss you.

It was time to head downtown to the restaurant Megan had chosen for her birthday dinner.  She picked an Italian place called, “Amore Victoria.”  It was located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.  It was the perfect spot for a winter-time dinner.  The snow was gently coming down, the streetlights were all lit up and wonderful white lights were draped over the trees.  We loved walking down the sidewalk and taking in the sights and sounds of the city.  Nate and I hung back a bit and we smiled as we watched our two girls heading to the restaurant and enjoying each other’s company.   So picturesque!

Beautiful girls on a beautiful night~

Beautiful girls on a beautiful night~

We loved our meals and had a great evening out as a family.  When we returned home, we still had room for a small piece of birthday cake.  Putting on sixteen candles wasn’t easy, but blowing them out, was even more difficult, as we found out.  It took Megan two times to get them to all go out.  There was one candle in particular that didn’t want to go out.   Nate told Megan that it was an old flame that wouldn’t die.  Hmmm….we could probably attach a name to that one, but we’ll keep it a secret for now.   It made her laugh.


Megan requested a confetti cake this year.  I found the cake and they even had confetti frosting!  Look at that lovely purple color. ( hee-hee Sheri)


I can’t believe my oldest daughter is 16 years old today.  I’m so very proud of her and in everything she does.  She has become a wonderful person with terrific friends and I can’t wait to see what her future brings her.  I love you Megs!

Sweet 16!

Sweet 16!



  1. What a beautiful post,I teared up especially about the Grandma ice creams ring.I really didn’t realize how blonde she was ,her new do is stunning.Love the purple frosting ,who knew that purple frosting could be so pretty.Happy sweet sixteen Megan

  2. I also love the grandma ice cream story. I love Megan’s hair, it looks awesome on her, so natural and beautiful! The restaurant sounds very yummy. Sounds like a fun filled day.

  3. Wow! SOOO cool about Grandma’s ring! What are you going to do when Kell turns 16??? Hahahaha! Glad she liked my gift. Much love to Megs!!

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