Singing In The New Year!


Nate and I brought in the new year with a very musical evening.  Kelly, Johanna, and Anna are all in the musical and their friend Greg plays flute in the band and Aaron is in Eagle Ridge Singers.  So they all have that musical background and have become friends through these activities.

Bugels on their fingers!

Bugels on their fingers!

I always enjoy the prepping for New Years Eve more than the staying up till midnight part.  Each year, it gets harder and harder to stay awake for that long.  I found a recipe for a ‘crowd pleasing’ taco salad and made that for the kids, while Nate made New York Strip Steaks & Asparagus for us.  Kelly was a little confused at why she wasn’t getting any steak.   We told her that the taco salad has beef in it, just a different cut.    Nate and I enjoyed a quiet dinner together upstairs while the teens partied downstairs.  Delicious~

Yes, that’s a pat of butter on top.

Yes, that’s a pat of butter on top.
Kelly, Johanna, Anna, Greg & Aaron.

Kelly, Johanna, Anna, Greg & Aaron.

Jazz got the fat from the steaks.  Mmm...

Jazz got the fat from the steaks. Mmm…

We made some treats for the kids to eat after dinner too.  Lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  Everything tastes better with sprinkles!   I thought they looked festive for the party~


Most of Kelly’s friends came over in the afternoon, so they had a lot of time to hang out.  They watched Batman, played the piano, sang many songs, and I think played a game or two on the Xbox.  They are such a nice group of kids and very respectful.  Nate and I hung out upstairs and watched some pre New Years Eve shows, just to stay awake.  Then at 11:30, Kelly came up and asked if we were coming down to ring in the new year with them.  So nice!  Of course will come down.  We helped open the bottle of champagne (grape juice) and poured it into their glasses.   The girls wanted to jump at midnight, so they took a sip beforehand then set their glasses down while we counted back from ten until the ball dropped.

Cheers from Kelly, Anna and Johanna!

Cheers from Kelly, Anna and Johanna!

It was a fun night and listening to these girls giggle and laugh all night brings back memories of all those fun parties we used to attend at their age.  Of course, Nate and I headed to bed, but the night wasn’t over for these girls.  They pulled out the paint supplies and decorated their binders with their scripts for the musical.  I guess art projects can be done at any time of the day!  Even at 1:00 am!


This morning, the girls all helped clean up after our pancake breakfast.  Nice!  Nate has taken his tv room back and will have control of the remote for the remainder of the day, as it is college football day.   I am enjoying the outdoor hockey game that is on a different channel (when he switches over now & then).   Outdoor hockey…cold and snowy out, makes for a great game.  Old time hockey, gotta love it!

Once again, Happy New Year to you all.  May you have a happy and healthy 2014!


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