Megan’s Confirmation


Today was Megan’s confirmation.  This is a big day in the Catholic church.  It is her day to confirm her faith as a Catholic and it felt like a graduation day into adulthood.  We arrived at the St. Paul Cathedral at 9:30 this morning for our 10:00 mass.  There were three parishes there with a total of 183 kids being confirmed…120 of them were from our parish.  It was a large group.   Each confirmant had a sponsor with them that they had chosen to share in the process of the day.  The sponsor places their hand on the confirmant as the Bishop is confirming them at the altar.  All 183 kids walk up and do this individually with their sponsors.  It was quite a line to wait in to meet the Bishop and have this blessing.  Megan had chosen her Godmother, Sue.  Each confirmant received a red carnation to wear  as well as their certificate.  Sue put on Megan’s flower for her while they hung out together before the event and had some laughs.



As we were sitting through the service, the row behind us was like listening to a sick ward.  They were all sneezing, coughing, blowing their noses and sniffling like crazy.  I leaned to Nate and said, “this is one huge germ-factory we’re sitting in.”  He agreed.  My next thought was…”oh no…we’re coming up to the sign-of-the-peace.”  This is where you shake hands with the people around you.  We all agreed there was no way we were turning around and shaking these people’s hands.  Rude?  maybe, but necessary.  I just finished up  with a nasty cold and didn’t want to start up another one.  We felt terrible that we ignored them, but I prayed silently that they would feel better soon.  ha~

Midway through mass, the Bishop had the confirmation kids all stand up as he spoke a few words to them.  At this moment, I looked at how beautiful and grown-up Megan is and I had a flashback of holding her in my arms with her little white Baptism dress on.  I got all teary and choked up and had to struggle not to let the tears start flowing.  Oh, don’t we wish we could have it both ways….keep them little, but let them grow up.

After mass, we hung around the Cathedral and took a few more pictures.  Such a gorgeous church with beautiful details all around.  Never get tired of looking at a 100 year old church.  Megan wanted some photos taken with her friends that were also being confirmed today, so enough of family, on to the friends.

Jacob, Courtney, Megan and Paul.

Jacob, Courtney, Megan and Paul.

We headed home to have a little get-together with Sue, Tom and their boys Sam and Jacob.  We made some appetizers, pasta and we had a special cake made just for Megs.  There were a few gifts to open as well.

God-parents...Sue and Tom

God-parents…Sue and Tom

Jacob & Sam.  What cuties these two are.

Jacob & Sam. What cuties these two are.

I think Megan really enjoyed her day and it sure was special for Nate and I.  We are very proud parents of our wonderful daughter and her accomplishments.

IMG_1833Congratulations Megan!!



  1. We were thinking of you Saturday, Megan, and also remembering your baptism. Doesn’t seem that long ago… Your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!

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