Zoo Trek


The San Diego Zoo!  Wow, what an amazing zoo they have here.  I believe it is the largest in the country and our legs felt it last night.  We spent about 4 hours walking these trails.  I say trails, because they literally built this zoo on the side of hill.  We were going up steep hills and back down, then around corners only to find another hill in front of us.  When walking back to the entrance, I told Megan, “I’m praying I don’t trip, because I’ll roll all the way back down!”  My legs were a little jelly-fish like by that point.  ha~

Our first stop was straight to the Pandas.  This is the only zoo that has pandas and they are the main attraction.  They only have two on display right now.  The baby is still in “training” in the backyard, as they told us.   We got so lucky on our visit.  The female just woke up and was starting to eat while we were watching her.  She started munching on her bamboo slab and just ripped it apart.  The tour guide lady, said that she will only eat fresh bamboo.  It has to smell fresh, or she won’t even go near it.  Hmm..picky lady!

Looks appetizing!

Looks appetizing!

The female is actually larger than the male.  She is fertile only two days a year.  The guide told us, “The male never misses those two days!”   Of course he doesn’t.  ha~  He too, was ready to eat while we were walking past.  We loved that they were facing us and enjoying their meals.  They are just so darn cute!

Mr. Panda~

Mr. Panda~

My next request was to see the giraffes and elephants.  On our journey across the park, we saw many other animals and some really strange ones.  This one freaked me out a bit.  It was called a Okapi.   He/She was half zebra and half horse…at least, that’s what it looked like to us.

What do you think?

What do you think?

We also found this pheasant.  Turns out he’s the biggest one in the country.  Wish I would’ve taken pictures of the names.  But I thought my brother Jim would enjoy seeing this.  He’d rather find it in the wild when he’s pheasant hunting, but this guy is safe behind the fence.

Pheasants Forever, Jim!

Pheasants Forever, Jim!

We made it to the giraffes and I just started to smile.  I love these animals and they are just amazing to look at.  Megan wanted me to pose it front of them, so I’d have a picture to take back with me.  Think I could watch these guys all day long and their babies too.



They had rhino there that was getting a shower from a zoo worker.  Unfortunately, we were on the “backside” of this guy and it wasn’t pretty.  So no photo of the big guy.  Speaking of big guys, we did find the elephants.  Wow, are they huge animals.  They have five elephants here in San Diego, which seemed like a lot.  You don’t get to get very close to these monsters and for good reason.  They look strong and massive in weight.  Nate was wondering what kind of ear buds they would use.  ha~



While coming around a corner, a zoo-keeper yelled to everyone, “Please stop immediately and do not move or make a sound!”  Yikes, we froze of course, and then a man came out of a gate with a white wolf on a leash.  He was walking him over to his exhibit.  That was cool!  The zoo-keeper said that strange voices can set them off because they are only used to their handlers voice, where they know they are safe.  Hmm…I’m glad I kept quiet.  Neat that we happened to be in that spot at that moment.



One of the funniest animals are those darn flamingos.  They were so noisy today and had lots to say.  We laughed so much just watching them run all over.  They seemed to be nervous of something…somewhere.  Who knows…crazy birds, but so colorful!

IMG_2022We saw a couple of gardens mixed in with the animals today.  Kelly captured the Japanese Garden with her beautiful pictures.  Here are some of them.  Now this says summer!



Reminds us of summer~

Reminds us of summer~

I couldn’t leave the zoo without taking a picture of this sign.  This was at the lions area and it made us all laugh.  I know…very childish, but still, so funny.  I bet you laugh!


Zoo time was over and we headed back to our hotel.  When we got there, we walked up the stairwell, opened the door to our room and found the maids were in there still cleaning.  It was 4:30!  Guess we must’ve been the last room of the day.  The maid told us, “5 more minutes” (in her Mexican accent & very smiley face), so we were stuck in the stairwell.  Nate took advantage of this.

Solbergs on vacation~

Solbergs on vacation~

We ate dinner at this place across the street called, The Ale House.  It had rooftop dining and an ocean view.  It feels so good to eat outside, knowing we won’t get to do this for another 3 months back home!

Great food!

We sat over on the right side.


Megan got wise to my hat idea.  haha!

Megan got wise to my hat idea. haha!

Nate had a bad experience with the pelicans a couple of days ago.  He walked out the door and got pooped on!   We can laugh at it now, but he wasn’t too thrilled.  ick!   Then we were walking on the boardwalk and came across this guy.  Photo op was a must.  haha


It was another fun, glorious day.  We were thankful we had no rain while at the zoo, but it was still a bit chilly.  Today is all blue skies and temperature are already in the 60’s and it’s only 10:00.  Should be a nice day and I’ll need sunscreen and my hat again!  We are heading over to Coronado for sun, beaches and shopping!





  1. What a beautiful zoo and how amazing to see a panda ,although can’t believe you didn’t scoot around take a picture of the wolf from front ,you are slipping Cathy.I do hope that you are drinking wine whilst in California as well as Ale at the Ale House.

  2. Those pandas are SO cute! I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard they can be pretty dangerous. Funny… they look like you could go up and hug them! That wolf crossing incident would have been so cool to see!

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