Our Final Day~


On our last day, we all hoped it would be a long one.  It was, of course, the warmest day of our week as well.  Nate and I decided it was time for a good cup of coffee, rather than our hotel coffee.  There was a neat little coffee shop just down the boardwalk, so we headed over there after breakfast.  The coffee shop is called, Kono’s Coffee.  It is just a little deck, set up with all the fixings for the brewmasters.  Next to it, they have a small restaurant that is open for breakfast.  This place is known to have long lines out the door every morning.  They have huge plates of food for around $5.oo.  That’s the cheapest we’ve seen on the boardwalk.  You order the food inside, then go find a seat on one of their two decks outdoors.  They bring your food right to your table.  We saw some plates go past, and they looked terrific and yes…there was a long line as we past by.

Seaside coffee!

Seaside coffee!

After coffee and lots of people watching, we did a little shopping in the surf shop.  Nate hadn’t gotten a souvenir yet and I found a t-shirt with surfboards on it.  He liked it, so I told him I’d buy it for his birthday and as a memento of this trip.  Then I asked for the credit card in his wallet.  ha!  I wasn’t carrying a purse on the beach that morning.

Looking good Hon!

Looking good Hon!

Wandering around the store some more, I found these cute surfboards hanging up.  We got the girls each one and hid them in our suitcase.  We surprised them at dinner on our first night home.  We told them they had earned the rights to be called “surfer girls” now.  We also wanted to thank them for being such great travelers.  A nice memory from our trip.

Think they’ll look good hanging in their rooms.

Think they’ll look good hanging in their rooms.

When Nate and I got back from coffee, shopping and a morning walk down the beach, the girls were already down at the pool for some morning sun.  I decided to join them because it felt so good and I hadn’t had my swimsuit on once yet!  I was determined I must do this before we leave.  Today it was finally warm and in the 70’s.

Not thinking about school~

Not thinking about school~

Catching some rays...poolside.

Catching some rays…poolside.

For our last evening out, Megan had spotted a pizza place in town that she thought we ought to try.  So we walked a couple of blocks to Filippi’s Pizza Grotto.  It was a fun little place inside with wicker basket wine bottles hanging from the ceiling.

My kind of place!

My kind of place!

Since we were in an Italian restaurant, Nate and I shared a pizza and a carafe of Chianti wine, while the girls decided they needed some form of pasta and ordered the ravioli.  Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed in this place.  The food was pretty bland and nothing to write home about.  Oh well, we still enjoyed our night out.  We weren’t done yet, we planned on getting ice cream on the boardwalk and watching our final San Diego sunset over the ocean.  Now this we enjoyed!  Ice cream on the beach…what could be better!

Love these kinds of places that you just walk up to & order.

Love these kinds of places that you just walk up to & order.


So as we say our final farewell, this was a terrific spring break/birthday gift that we will never forget.  Wonderful memories for all of us.    Good-bye San Diego!

Happy 50th Birthday Nate! We love you~  Cheers!

Happy 50th Birthday Nate!
We love you~ Cheers!



  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th Nate. You are very brave to be a surfer guy!!!!
    I was hoping you’d bring back some California sunshine!!

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