Start with these...

Start with these…

Add a bunch of these...

Add a bunch of these…

Tonight we colored our Easter Eggs.  Last year we didn’t have much success with my Pinterest find and we were disappointed.  I went out looking again to my Pins and found one that got good reviews and looked pretty simple.   They are called, Kool-Eggs because you use Kool-Aid for the dye, rather than those PAAS tablets.   The other advantage to this, they didn’t require any stinky vinegar.  The Kool-Aid has citric acid in it, so pour in one packet of Kool-Aid and 2/3 cup water, stir, and you’re good to go!


Now the fun part about coloring the eggs this way, is that it smells so sweet!  You also don’t have to worry about getting the dye on your fingers because if you do, you just lick it off.  Wish I had known about this technique when the girls were younger.  No worries!  Kool-Aid is pretty inexpensive, so I brought home about 10 packets that we could try.  You can also mix packets to deepen the colors or make new colors.  We were advised not to use grape…your egg turns out black.  Yuck, who’d want to eat that.   We did have a Black Cherry packet and thought we’d give it a try and hope for a purple, but it just wasn’t that appetizing to look at when we pulled it out of the dye.   We are calling it the “ugly duckling” of our egg family.

Poor thing...we only made one of these.

Poor thing…we only made one of these.

We had lots of colors this year.

Our colorful collection this year.

Megan has lots of patience, so she dunks her eggs in and lets them soak for a long time to get those nice, deep colors.  It can be soooo boring waiting for her eggs….haha, just kidding Megs.


I’m not saying that Kelly has no patience, but she always seems to make more eggs than Megan and they are a bit lighter in color… hmm.    They are still beautiful Kel and it’s good to have a mix of darks, lights, and pastels in our egg bowl.  She did make a nice “robin’s egg blue” one that turned out bright.


We were very impressed with how great our eggs turned out this year.  I will keep this idea on hand and definitely use this technique again.  Fun, easy, sweet smelling eggs.  Now, I hope these taste like eggs when we eat them and not like Kool-Aid!   I will let you know once we serve them at Easter.  Okay, who am I kidding…we’ll probably ‘test’ a few tomorrow.

Love the bright colors!

Love the bright colors!





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