Cuatro de Mayo

Birthday girl!

Birthday girl!

Many people celebrate, Cinco de Mayo.  In our family we celebrate Cuatro de Mayo…May 4th, my sister Terry’s birthday.  We celebrated her birthday a week early this year.  Dawn and I took her out for our traditional birthday lunch.  It used to be dinner, but we find it’s easier to get together for lunch and we aren’t so tired.  It was getting difficult to meet for dinner after a day of work…oh boy, we’re getting old.   Speaking of old…Terry isn’t old, but she is celebrating 45 years of youth and looks fabulous these days.  She’s lost lots of weight and is continuing to lose, due to her dedication to Boot Camp, which attends regularly.  She’s looking good and more importantly…feeling great!  Way to go Sis~

So what do Dawn and I do….take her to a place called, Cupcake!  Okay, so we weren’t thinking about calories today.  Those get put aside on your birthday.  Cupcake is a combination cupcake bakery, coffee shop and deli.  

Love the door handles.  Whisks!

Love the door handles. Whisks!

Since we were there on a Saturday, we  had the Weekend Brunch menu to choose from.  Great sandwiches and soups were what we chose, but they had many yummy looking egg dishes, pancakes & waffles and even a breakfast pizza to pick from.     It was a cool spring day, so the soup & sandwich combo seemed perfect.  

The restaurant inside of Cupcake had it’s own name.  It’s called, The Mason Jar.  It so cute inside and had a fireplace right in the middle of the restaurant.  It’s not very big inside, but that’s what makes it so cozy.   The ceiling above us, was filled with hanging mason jars for their lighting.   Loved this!  In the bakery area, the lights are whisks, with bulbs inside.

Creative lighting!

Creative lighting!

While ordering our food, we asked about the cupcakes and how we go about getting some of those.  We told our waitress that were celebrating a birthday and needed something special at our table.  Turns out, you just go over to the bakery area and order what you’d like and take it back to your table on a cute little white plate.    That was easy…except once you got over there, it wasn’t that easy to choose.  These cupcakes were spectacular looking and so pretty to look at.  Some had cute names as well.  I took a few pictures of these delicious desserts.

The pink ones were called, Paris Hilton and the chocolate ones were, Michelle O’bama. ha~

Chocolate lover’s tray~

Chocolate lover’s tray~

My favorite...the pink tray!

My favorite…the pink tray!

Once we picked out our treats, we headed back to our table, enjoyed our lunch and wished Terry a happy birthday before diving into these delights.

We smile for cupcakes!

We smile for cupcakes!

Our trio of goodness~

Our trio of goodness~  Strawberry Shortcake, Mad Cow, & Strawberry Blonde

We always enjoy our birthday lunches and spent three hours just talking, catching up and enjoying each other’s company.  We never can have too much “girl time”.   Can’t wait for the next birthday.  Oh yay, it’s mine!

Happy Birthday Terry!

I thought this was appropriate for my “middle sister.”   Cheers!

I thought this was appropriate for my “middle sister.” Cheers!








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