Shrek The Musical


What a fun fieldtrip we took today.  Our school was invited to Burnsville High School to watch the very first performance of Shrek The Musical.   Our kids were so excited for this day to finally arrive.  We had some posters up around the school, so they knew all about it and who doesn’t love Shrek!  Most of the kids are familiar with Shrek, so this made it even more fun.  I think they also had fun sitting in these theater seats.  ha!

I hung out with the first graders~

I hung out with the first graders~

The cast members consisted of Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Pinocchio, Lord Farquaad,  and Dragon.   If you are familiar with the movie, there are many more characters.  They also had a group of “fairy-tale” characters that performed together in a couple of scenes.   These guys are all in the movies.  The most popular being Gingerbread boy, also known as “Gingy”.  They used a large cookies sheet and had Gingy on this, while another character held it up and talked as the cookie.  Sort of like a puppet.  There was a hole in the pan so she could move the mouth.  It was cute and the girls voice sounded very much like Gingy in the movie.

See him on the pan?

See him on the pan?

One of my favorite characters in the musical was Pinocchio.  Wow, this kid had his character down.  I wish I would’ve recorded him because he was spot-on as “the wooden boy.”  He was so funny and his nose really did grow!  The kids were amazed when this happened on stage.  He had a remote in his hand which controlled the nose he wore on his face.  When he told a lie, it grew and all the kids started laughing.    He also wore tights or leggings that really looked like wood.  I noticed these leggings on other characters as well, which really made them look more realistic.  It was neat~


Some other fairy-tale characters we spotted, were Humpty-Dumpty, Peter Pan, Ugly Duckling, The Three Bears,  Wicked Witch, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit,  The Three Little Pigs, and of course, Fairy Godmother.

Do you recognize some?

Do you recognize some?

There was an appearance by the Three Blind Mice.  They sang a song together.


Of course, most of the musical revolves around Shrek meeting Donkey and their travels to save Princess Fiona and bring her to Lord Farquaad so they can be married and her spell is broken.  Of course, Shrek and Fiona fall in love and we find out that Princess Fiona is really an Ogre, just like Shrek.  These three did a great job of acting  just like in the movie, and you forget that they are high school kids.  It’s pretty amazing.


Shrek & Donkey~

The Princess~

The Princess~

The next two characters really stole the show (in my opinion).  Lord Farquaad and Dragon.  Lord Farquaad is a tiny little king who wants to rule the kingdom and no one will take him seriously because of his height mainly…and he’s kind of dopey (pun intended).  The actor who plays him, has to perform on his knees throughout the show.  It was a neat costume and a creative way to make him small-looking.  Just watching him makes you crack up laughing every time he was on stage.  This guy can also sing!


The king’s soldiers~

The king’s soldiers~

Tiny Lord Farquaad hoping to marry Fiona.

Now the other character I mentioned was Dragon.  Dragon was this huge human-controlled mechanical dragon that was brought out on stage…and he took up the whole stage.  The kids were ooohing and aaaahing when this came out.  It was being controlled by for or five kids who were wearing harnesses and holding controls in each hand while moving about the stage and bringing this dragon to life.  It was similar to those Chinese dragons you see in those parades, but not as colorful.   It was impressive to watch.  Here are a couple of pictures I took of it.  The stage was dark, except for a few red lights to make her look a bit scarier.



Falling for Donkey~







The kids had a good time and giggled a lot throughout the show…especially when Shrek farts and Fiona burps.  Always a good laugh for children and I’m sure they went home and told their parents all about it.  haha~

Storybook fun, comes to life on stage.

Storybook fun, comes to life on stage.

Such good sets nowadays.

Such good sets nowadays.






  1. Thanks fopr the great comments. There were a lot of talent volunteers who worked on the show.

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