A “Homerun” Day

Hidden Valley team~

Hidden Valley team~

Such a fun outing today.  I went to Target Field with my co-workers from school.  We try to get together a couple of times in the summer and our friend Peggy suggested an outing to the ballpark.  It was a fantastic idea.

We thought the best way for all of us to get out there, was to ride the Light Rail.  I have never been on this yet, and it was kind of a “bucket list” item for me, so I was all for it.  Okay, my sister Terry has zip lining on her bucket list, mine bucket isn’t that brave and is kind of boring compared to hers.  haha!    In order to ride the Light Rail, we all met out at the Mall of America where the transit station is.  They have a nice parking ramp to keep your vehicle in, then walk right out to the train.  It was $4.oo to ride round trip or six hours.  Once you get on, you find that there are a lot of stops along the way and you have to listen to that English lady’s voice all the time, yelling out the names of the stops.  You all know the voice I’m talking about….Sheri, no disrespect to the British…but I guess I enjoy her voice more than Siri’s.

Let’s go!  I’m not nervous~

Let’s go! I’m not nervous~

Karin & I on the “rail”  ha!

Karin & I on the “rail”













They know this is for the blog~

They know this is for the blog~










Okay, we made it Target Field in about 30 minutes with about 30 stops!  Geez people, this is our train, go find your own!   Actually, it was a very fun ride and we could all chat with each other the whole time.  At one point, we were obviously in a tunnel someplace.  I asked Peggy if she knew where we were and she said, “We’re at the airport.”  Oh cool!

We didn’t have tickets for the game, so we needed to buy some at the ticket office.  The weather forecast for today was hot, sticky, humid with possible rain showers later in the day and a high of 90.  So basically, anything could happen out there today.  We told them we wanted seats that have the over-hang in case of rain or extreme sun, and we want cheap seats.  So we ended up in the very last row on the very top of the stadium!  The climb was a bit embarrassing, because we were all huffing and puffing when we arrived at our seats.  Good thing nobody else was sitting next to us yet.  We all sat down and said, “Whew, I feel so out of shape!”  I’m glad we all felt the same.

We relaxed in our seats (after that hike), and found that these were absolutely perfect for us.  Being at the very top, we had this nice breeze coming through the fence behind us, which kept us comfortably cool the entire game.  We could talk all we want and didn’t bother anyone, and could still see the game when we remembered there was a game going on.  Thank you ticket guy!

Our view of the game~

Our view of the game~

We did have one downfall to these seats…not a single vendor came up our way to offer food or drinks, so we had to hike back down, get some lunch, then carry it back and try to look athletic while doing this.  Not an easy task, but we managed.   We were all thirsty and got beverages of our choice.  Peggy and I thought an ice cold beer would taste good with our chicken fingers.  While she waited for the food, I went and got the beer.   It was pretty limited, so I ordered the Corona that we both like.  When the gal brought it over to me, my mouth dropped open.  It was the biggest can of beer I’ve ever seen.  I asked if she had anything smaller, but she said this is all they serve at this station.  Oh my…I couldn’t wait to show Peggy.

The Corona Blasters!

The Corona Blasters!













While we were at the game today, we were also celebrating two milestone birthdays.  Erin turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, and Peggy turned 50 yesterday!   Elizabeth brought tiara’s along for each of them to wear at the game.  They are such good sports, they put them on right away and never took them off till the end.  Peggy even wore hers on the light rail.  They both look fabulous for their age and we bought their tickets as part of their gift.

Our queens for the day~

Peggy & Erin…our queens for the day~

Hanging around with these gals is why I love working at Hidden Valley.  We get along so well and truly enjoy each other’s company.   The next time we get together won’t be quite as much fun…we’ll be back at school working.  Oh well, we always have our baseball game memories and can sing, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game…” if we’re having a bad day at work.  You can’t help but smile and sing along to that tune.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful day!   By the way….the Twins won today…4-1.




  1. What a blast! “Bob Eucker” seats (ask Nate if you don’t recognize that), a train ride, beer and good friends! BTW: did the Twins win or didn’t you notice? A fun time before it’s back to school.

  2. I loved taking the rail to the game. Felt like we were in NY on the subway! August is so bittersweet for teachers. So great you get the summers off!!!

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