We Had Another Birthday


This past Thursday, Nate celebrated his 51st birthday.  It wasn’t as lavish as his 50th when we were out in San Diego, but we had a nice celebration here in Burnsville.  Nate took the day off of work and went fishing on the Rush River in Wisconsin.  He likes to fish for trout and was successful.  He said he caught a couple of nice ones, but it’s still catch and release season, so back they went.  Wish he could’ve gotten a picture for me, but he’s too nervous to take his phone out near the water.  So just imagine two trout in his basket.  ha~

Once the girls and I got home from work and running errands, it was dinnertime.  Nate chose Bonfire for our destination.  We all enjoyed the food as always.   We headed home and Nate had a few gifts to open from us.

Nate is always making homemade bread around the house.  Mmm, we love his sourdough and he uses it most days for sandwiches at lunch.   With him cutting these breads all the time, I thought it might be easier to use an electric knife to make the slicing nice and even. It’s not easy to find an electric knife anymore.  Most stores carry them online only, but I finally found one at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  And when I say one, I really mean it.  I walked in and this guy showed me where they are.  On the shelf was this lonely box.  I happily grabbed it and wrapped it up!

What have we created?

What have we created?

Next gift he opened was something that we had purchased way back in December while searching phone cases for Kelly.  I came across this one and asked the girls if they thought Dad would like it for his birthday.  The thought it was cool too, so I have been saving it for quite a while.  He loves it!  Phone cases can be a personal thing, so I was relieved when he put it on right away.  Yay!

A summer case for his phone.

A summer case for his phone.

The last gift was also golf related.  Nate is on a golf league on Tuesday nights throughout the summer.  He really enjoys it but towards the end, he’s usually ready to be done and their are nights when he comes home a bit frustrated at his game.  His games usually balance out overall, but it’s hard to forget those “tough nights”.  Okay, so we thought of a gift that would hopefully keep his sprits up throughout this entire season.  It’s one of those sock-things you put over your club.    See what you think?

See, already laughing & smiling!  heehee

See, already laughing & smiling! heehee

They’ll be ‘buds’ all summer long.

They’ll be ‘buds’ all summer long.

Who can stay mad when Yoda’s staring at you!   The force will be with him~

Well that was all the fun gifts from us.  Nate actually ordered himself a much needed birthday gift that we’ve been telling him to buy for about five years now.  He picked out a new gas grill.  His old one is really falling apart and only grills on one side.  haha.  He’s been doing a great job with what he has, but I’m relieved he finally is getting a new one.  He will be a happy griller this summer and the girls and I will reap the rewards and enjoy many delicious meals from the grill.  It hasn’t arrived yet, so no picture of him standing by it.  I will get one for sure this summer, but in the meantime, here’s what he picked.  It’s a Weber Genesis E-310.  Sounds impressive, so his food should be that way as well.

Love the copper color.

Love the copper color.

We ended the day with some birthday cake.  Nate’s favorite…Black Forest with Buttercream frosting.   It was a sweet ending for my sweet husbands birthday.

Yep, he got them all out~

Yep, he got them all out~

Happy Birthday Nate!!   We love you~



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