We had a lot to be thankful for once again this year.  It’s been a rough week for most everyone in my family this week.  Terry is trying to sell her house, Lindsey & Zach are in the process of moving into their new house, Jim & Sandra are still unpacking from their move into their new house, I had a stressful & emotional week at work, and a good friend of ours passed away Wednesday night after her fourth battle with cancer.  We all needed to gather around with family and enjoy some laughter, which seemed to missing this week.

Little kids always bring sunshine to a party, whether they’re in a good mood, or being “crabby pants” because they’re getting their molars in.  Poor Link wasn’t having the best of days.  He fell many times, only wanted to be with mom, and probably had a headache along with tooth pain the entire night.  Last year on Thanksgiving, Lindsey was very pregnant with him and we were ‘thankful’ that she didn’t go into labor on her due-date, which happened to be Thanksgiving.


You make us smile Link~

The other two kids at the party always have a good time when they are together.  Kinsey and Paula never stopped talking, running, laughing, and chasing poor Jazz around.  She was exhausted and relieved as usual, once they head home.  The girls got right to work on their coloring and bonded over the Tom Turkey from the newspaper.  I encouraged them to use lots of color and make him “rainbow-colored”.  They did a fabulous job.  Thinking we could enter the contest with this one.


Plopped down right in the middle of everyone.  ha!


How cute is this!









Nate was on food duty again this year.  He started his research about a week ago and planned his meal from there.  He looked online and through some of our cooking magazines.  His original plan was to grill the turkey out on the deck.   That sounds delicious and the weather is great here!  But then he started watching the weather reports and day by day, it got colder, cloudier and then the latest report says rain/snow mix on Thanksgiving day.   Well, that took care of the grill idea.  Back to the traditional oven plan, here in Minnesota.  Something new he tried this year, was to carve the turkey up before cooking it.  This turned out to be a wonderful idea and quite a time saver.  He was able to cook our 20 pound turkey in an hour & half!  It was juicy, browned on top, and he was able to serve it right out of oven, so it was nice and warm.  Love this new technique and I think he will continue this next year.



Some other delights on our table were the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and carrots…and of course, the wine to wash it all down with.  We enjoyed it all and appetizers before all of that.  Terrific menu an full tummies all around!


Mmm, what to chose first!



Megan’s artistic writing~

When I said that we washed it down with wine, that did not include the kids, of course.  We explained to the girls how to ‘clink’ your glasses and say “cheers!”  They took their plastic cups filled with milk and made their own toasts for the rest of dinner.  Think they clinked about ten times!



While we waited for dinner to be ready and snacked on appetizers, we took a few pictures.  We had the girl table vs the boy table picture.  I loved how they turned out and we even got Link in there.



Somehow, all the guys seem to match pretty nice for their shot.  But I think we gals look pretty fashionable as well.

As always, we miss the other halves of our families on these holidays.  The  other Solberg’s over in Wisconsin and the Sailer’s in Arizona.  My sister sent me a text of them celebrating.   Looks like they were at a restaurant rather than in the kitchen.  Oh well, we all celebrate differently.


Look, no snow or jackets!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now we start kicking off the Christmas season.  As I write this, the girls are decorating the tree, the stockings have been hung, and Nate has gotten all the outdoor lights on as well.  Lets enjoy the Christmas season!


Cheers to you all!




  1. I love to see those adorable little children,so sweet.Spending time with each has brought out the best in all and the smiles say it all.
    Happy Thanksgiving Solbergs

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