Have Yourself A Merry “Little” Christmas


As most of you know, I really did have a “little christmas” this year.  Late on Christmas Eve, I came down with the flu and just today, I am finally feeling back to normal.  I missed celebrating with the Sailer side and the Solberg side of our families.  I guess it happens, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  It sure isn’t much fun tho and sadly, I don’t have much to blog about.

On a brighter side, the four of us did celebrate on Christmas Eve.  We went to church, came home and ate a nice dinner, then opened up gifts.   As always, Jazzy gets the first present each year.  Nate found her the perfect gift.  What dog doesn’t chase after squirrels?  Well, ours will run after them even if you say the word squirrel.  This one looks so real, we all started laughing.  She took it straight downstairs and played around with her new toy and was as happy as a dog could be.

Now it was our turn.  We each like to find a comfy spot in the living room and then one or both of the girls will pass out the gifts to everyone.  It’s a nice tradition that we’ve started long ago…when they could read.  ha~

Nate surprised me this year and bought me a purse.  Wow, this is something I would never have expected him to buy or even want to go out and buy.  He said after 20 years of being married, he knows what I like.    He sure does, I love it!


Nate gave me a list of things he wanted this year (guess he thinks I don’t know him well enough), but it was handy and kind of fun shopping around for some “different” things that I don’t usually look at.  Like….whiskey glasses.  Okay, I had no idea where to begin, so I sent out a text to my brother-in-law Brett, my brother Jim, and my friend Sheri & her husband asking them to help me choose between a couple that I have found online. I figured that I’d go with the “majority rules” vote.   Brett even sent me links to other glasses to browse, but then I started getting confused, so went back to my originals.  (haha).    After I nailed that down, it was off to the liquor store .  I chose the little small-town liquor store over the big MGM & Total Wine because again, I would need expertise in this area.  I was glad I did.   I  had a wonderful man (who happened to know his whiskey) help me out.  He was the owner and he was out of what he claimed as,  ‘the best whiskey there is’, so he sent me to his other store a few miles down the road.  He even called ahead and told them to put it behind the counter for me.  At this point, I’m getting a little worried and wondering what I have gotten myself into.  I arrived at the store, told them who I was and the girls looked at me and said, “yeah, we can’t find what he’s talking about.”  Oh great…I told them to show me where the whiskey is and maybe I can find it because he gave me a great description.  Sure enough…I found it!  The girls and I agreed, it looks like a Genie bottle.  Ahh, success is mine~

The winner was the Globe glasses, which he really seems to like and has tried them out with an already open bottle of whiskey that he is working on.   He later told me that he looked up this whiskey I bought, and it got very good reviews.  He said, “You did good!”  yay me~whew!

I loved Kelly’s gift to Megan this year.  She had it planned since this fall when Megan decided that Winona would be the college of choice.  She wanted to make her a tie-blanket in Winona colors…purple & white.  I took her to JoAnn Fabrics one night and we had fun ‘testing’ out soft material.  Wow, I can’t believe how much material there is in that store.  Totally out of my element there.  Anyway, she found exactly what she wanted and then last week, Megan was out of the house and Kelly went to work, cutting and tying the blanket together.  Great idea and Megan absolutely loves it!  It will be a little piece of home for her to take with her to college.


Kelly also got something soft to snuggle in this year.  A new bathrobe.  She  is always cold, so rather than grab a sweatshirt, she likes to wrap a bathrobe around herself.  We find her doing her homework that way many nights.  It was time for an upgrade and she was thrilled.


The rest of the night we enjoyed family time and kept checking on Jazz’s squirrel to make sure no stuffing had come out yet and that the head was still on.

The next day, Nate took the girls over to Jim & Sandra’s house for a Sailer celebration.  Sandra & Jim just built a new home and this was our first time seeing it.  As they toured the house, Megan took pictures for me, so I could see a little of it from home.  They all had a wonderful time and good eats, as always.  I am sad to have missed it but glad my family could enjoy Christmas day.

The next day, I had many texts on my phone asking if I was sick.  I figured that one of my family members posted something on Facebook.  Sure enough, my sister Terry had posted this…her caption read:  playing the part of Cathy, is her sister Terry.   This made me smile~ How could I not start to feel better.


Well that’s it for Christmas this year.  I wish I had some Solberg pictures and stories to tell, but I guess that will have to wait another year.  We are sad to have missed them and our get together in Wisconsin.  I guess we’ll have to enjoy the get-together this weekend via the tv, when our Vikings head over there to play a little football with those Packers.   See, this is why I miss heading to Sheboygan.  I get to hassle my in-laws a bit about football and they enjoy doing it back to me, I know.    It’s a wonderful rivalry we have…all in good fun.  Even if it means you have to wear a “Helga Hat”. (right Jere?) 🙂   Go Vikings!!!

I hope you all had a Very Merry “Big” Christmas.

Stay healthy my friends~



  1. So happy that you are feeling better,I am sure you were missed by both families.
    Love the purse,very you! Perfect gift for Megan,she looks cozy and made with lots of love from Kelly.Nate now needs to sample whiskies from all around the world.
    Every dog needs a new gift,will it stay in one piece for long or will see go crazy until the squirrel is dead!
    Merry Christmas and here’s to a healthy new year

  2. “Stories about Cathy?” Just wait until after the Vikings limp out of Lambeau!” Stay tuned!!
    Happy New Year!

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