On Cloud 9…Sort Of



We had a record setting weather day this weekend here in Minnesota.   It was 60 degrees on February 27th.  Amazing!  It was a gorgeous, sunny day that no one wanted to miss out on, including Nate and I.  I had been wanting to see this Cloud Exhibit that I read about in the newspaper at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis.   The Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum is an art museum located on the University of Minnesota  campus in Minneapolis.  A teaching museum for the university since 1934, the museum is named for Frederick R. Weisman, and was designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry.  Often called a “modern art museum,” the 20,000+ image collection has large collections of Marsden Hartley, Alfred Maurer, Charles Biederman, Native American Mimbres pottery,  and Korean furniture.

The building is one of the major landmarks on campus, situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River at the east end of the Washington Avenue Bridge.   The building presents two faces, depending on which side it is viewed from. From the campus side, it presents a brick facade that blends with the existing brick and sandstone buildings. On the opposite side, the museum is a playground of curving and angular brushed steel sheets.   It’s a very unique exterior from all sides, if you ask me.


Now on to the real reason we came here…the cloud!    It’s an exhibit that talks about the idea of clouds.   It’s been an inspiration for artists and poets and all sorts of people. Individuals who can sit and look at the clouds forever on a summer day.  It’s about celebrating clouds and our fascination with them.  This was so cool to see when we first walked into the museum.  Luckily for us, it wasn’t crowded and we got to hang out under it, play around in it, and get our picture taken in the exhibit itself.  It’s an interactive piece that is made of more than 3,000 incandescent and LED light bulbs.  You can pull on the strings to make the bulbs turn off and on.  If you turn the lights off, it looks more like a dark rain cloud, light bulbs on, looks like a white puffy cloud.


You become a kid again~


A look inside the Cloud~

That was a lot of fun tugging on the strings and changing the look of the cloud.  We wandered around the room to find paintings, photographs, and even video projections of clouds.  This blue print is actually tiny pieces of scotch tape.  From a distance, you can’t tell and it really looks like clouds.  I found that pretty “artsy.”  Nate really liked this impressionism painting of clouds.  I also liked that one.

I found a great seat for watching and thinking about clouds.  This video loop is a fun attraction that lets you ask yourself…what do I see in the clouds?

Once we finished in the cloud area, we enjoyed the rest of the museum as well.  We found sculptures, paintings, pottery, and some photography amongst all the other rooms.  These two paintings were ones that we liked.  Nate & I agreed that we’d love to own the one on the right.  Megan wants the one on the left.  ha~

I had to have a little fun with this sculpture I found.  Since it wasn’t too buys at the time we were in this room, I quickly posed for this picture while Nate took the shot.  I’m surprised it wasn’t blurry from him laughing.


I need to give this gal a name!

We found an interesting wall in the back filled with photographs of flowers.  After reading the description for this room, we found that the theme of these pictures was…Flowers Found In Cemeteries.  Wow, now there’s an unique idea.


Before we left, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this particular piece.  It is called “Pixelated Bromide.”  It is made out of 36,000 plastic billboard spangles.   These “pixels” respond to the movement of air currents, dematerializing the image in front of your eyes.  This means that they move a little and almost make the picture come to life.


Original photograph~


“Pixelated” version with tiles~

We didn’t stop taking pictures even when we left the museum.  Outside, we found ourselves enjoying the sights of Minneapolis and the college campus.  It was a wonderful way to spend our glorious, sunny spring-like day in February.



Look, no snow!

On our way home, we stopped for a bottle of wine to pair with our salmon that Nate was going to grill out on the deck (yes, grilling in February).  I found this bottle of red and knew I had to get it, in keeping withy my Cloud theme for the day.


Go out and see what you find in the clouds.




  1. It was warmer in Minnesota than Myrtle Beach on Sunday!!! Thanks for sharing that, I have never been there. Always wondered what that weird building was???!!!

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