Man Of La Mancha!


Kelly has been at it again.  She and her cast-mates have been rehearsing since January and the time has come to perform!  Last weekend, Megan and I had the chance to see the show and we worked at the concessions during intermission.


Had to hold her back from the Reese’s Cups.

Opening night was on Thursday, and Kelly said they had a pretty good turnout and got all the butterflies out.  This is why I like to go the second night.  I’m a little nervous as the mom, so it helps me to hear this and get my own butterflies out.  Kelly has two parts in this production.  She is Antonia and a prisoner.  Her costumes are very pretty, but the hair…now that was a production in itself!  When they started doing dress rehearsals, they sprayed the girls’ hair black.  Kelly came home the first night and I couldn’t believe it.  It was so strange seeing her with jet-black hair…it really spooked me.  The bad part, was that she had black all down her chest, neck, and even clothes.  Apparently this stuff is a mess and difficult to use.   Next, they tried putting gel in their hair.  This too, was a mess and very gooey and even more difficult to get out.  The director asked if they’d dye their hair because it would be so much easier.  Teenage girls didn’t want to commit to this, so black wigs were ordered and they look great and don’t need a twenty minute shower afterward to get black out of their hair.

Man of La Mancha is a 1964 musical with a book by Dale Wasserman.   The original 1965 Broadway production ran for 2,328 performances and won five TonyAwards, including Best Musical. The musical has been revived four times on Broadway, becoming one of the most enduring works of musical theatre.    It tells the story of the “mad” knight, Don Quixote, as a play within a play, performed by Cervantes and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing with the Spanish Inquisition.  The most popular song from this musical is “The Impossible Dream” which is sung three different times throughout the musical.



Kelly plays Antonia, Don Quixote’s niece.  She’s worried that her fiancé Sanson Carrasco, will break off their wedding because he doesn’t want to be part of a family with a mad man in it.   She and the housekeeper go to the church to talk to the padre about it at confession, where they end up singing the song “I’m only thinking of him” (him, being Don Quioxte).  It’s a beautiful duet that she and her best friend Johanna sing together.  Of course, it was my favorite part of the show.

The entire show was so well done.  Megan and I were surprised at how funny the first half of the show was.  I saw this musical back when I was in 9th grade.  Our spanish class took a fieldtrip to see it and Megan saw the movie in her spanish class in 11th grade.  I couldn’t remember much about it, other than I knew Don Quioxte was crazy and fought a windmill. The musical starts out funny but by the end, you feel sorry for this crazy man as he dies, surrounded by his family who love him very much.  He never meant harm to anyone, he just wanted the love of his life,  Aldonza, who he believes her to be the lady Dulcinea, to whom he has sworn eternal loyalty.  He is always kind to her and at first she doesn’t like the attention, but in the end, she is fond of him and wants to help him anyway she can, even if it requires her to play along as “Dulcinea” to make an old man’s dream come true.


Aldonza & the boys.


Saying goodbye~


Kelly has had family and some friends come to see her and support the arts.  One of her biggest fans is Emily.  She is the girl that Kelly works with.  It’s wonderful to see her go to these shows.  She loves talking about it for weeks before, so Kelly knows she’s pretty excited once she’s there.  She’s a great fan!


Some of her other fans….Shelly (her godmother) and of course, Mom and Dad.  Way to go Kel~  We love you!


Pretty flowers for opening night.  Thank you Shelly!

Tomorrow night, Nate and I will attend the show and work the concessions for their final night.  Kelly has really enjoyed this show.  She loves the small cast and has made a whole new group of friends.  They are all such nice kids and so proud of themselves when they step offstage.  I love chatting with them afterward and letting them know what a wonderful job they have done.  Very entertaining group.







  1. You must both be so very proud of all the productions she has been apart of ,she looks so confident up on the stage.Kelly you are so talented .

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