16 Years of Sweetness~


IMG_9378Today is Kelly’s birthday and she has hit one of her first milestones…sweet 16!  We started celebrating last night by having Jim, Sandra, Christina and Paula over for dinner and birthday cake.  Since it’s a special birthday this year, I ordered a cake that my sister Terry had seen at another party she was at.  She sent me a picture of it and immediately we both agreed, this is totally Kelly.  It was called a “stage cake” and it featured those comedy/tragedy masks on it that represent the theater.  Perfect!   I also had the decorator add Sweet 16 to the top of the stage and we loved the results as did Kelly.  She was super surprised.  We made her close her eyes first while I set it in front of her.  I wanted to be sure and get her facial expression when she first saw the cake.  Fun!

I had a special helper who put the candles on for me.  Paula couldn’t wait to get through dinner and dive into this cake.  As soon as the last dish left the table, she whispered to me, “Can we do the candles now?”

This was way too easy for Kelly to blow them all out, but when you let a 3 year old do the decorating, they all get crammed together.  Ha!  Thank you Paula!  She had a very satisfied tummy and black tongue after eating her piece of cake and of course, a few of those roses went on her plate as well.  Lots of frosting!


A happy belly~

Today is Kelly’s actual birthday and she wanted to go out for lunch rather than dinner.  She picked a cafe called, French Meadow Cafe & Bakery.  It is located on Grand Ave in St. Paul.  It was the perfect sunny day for us to get outdoors and out of Burnsville to see a little city life as we dined at the cafe.  Wow, this place was fantastic and the food was excellent.  It has a rustic feel to it and is known for their organic, vegan and gluten-free foods…non of which we had to have, but we all enjoy some healthy stuff once in awhile.  Nate & I have eaten at the one in Minneapolis and had a good experience there as well, and this location has just opened up and the place was packed.  I guess that’s a good sign that it will probably be around for a long time.  We peeked out back and saw that they have a super cute deck with lights all around, so definitely going back this summer for some outdoor dining.



Kelly’s b-day lunch.

After lunch, we ordered Kelly a cute little cupcake that we spotted on our way in.  She got the chocolate one called, Pretty In Pink.  Our waitress bought it out and apologized for not having any candles.  When we looked closely at it, we realized she stuck a match in the cupcake.  ha!  Once she lit it, Kelly had to act fast.  We were all laughing, including our waitress.  It worked!

No birthday is complete without a few presents.  We had those too.  Megan had a great idea this year.  She made Kelly a “Smile Jar”.  Kelly has had a jar like this in the past, and she will write down something that made her smile on a piece of paper, add it to the jar, then on December 31st, she reads all the wonderful things that made her smile throughout the past year.  Kind of a fun thing to do and a “feel good” activity.

A packaged arrived in the mail yesterday we hid it until today.  It came from Sheboygan, WI.  As always, a funny card from Grandma & Grandpa and a beautiful pair of earrings.  Kelly loves them and they are “artsy” like her.  Great shopping Grandma! (okay, I’m making the assumption that Grandpa didn’t take part in that shopping experience.  Let me know if I’m wrong.  hehe)


A few other gifts are a CD of broadway music, a book, phone case and a black cardigan.  She is always borrowing mine, so that was a must-have gift.  I’m done sharing.  Jazz got into the action as well, and thought one of Kelly’s gifts should be hers.  It must’ve smelled good and she thought it was a treat.

What a fun birthday Kelly had.  It’s not completely over yet.  She is having her friends over next Friday night for a party and I’m hoping they’ll dye Easter Eggs for me!  We haven’t gotten to that yet and it’s approaching quickly.  I’m looking forward to pictures of that and the laughter and creativity that goes along with ten teenagers in my house.  If they do it, I foresee another blog in my near future.

Happy 16 to our Sweet daughter.   We love you so much!






  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe Kelly is 16! Kelly is a amazing girl! She is so talented in every way. Her smile brightens my day every time I see her. The happiest birthday to you Kelly! You are beautiful inside and out! 🙂

  2. Happy Sweet 16 Kelly!!! I’m so glad I got to meet you a little bit last year. You are such an amazing kid.

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