All Things Spring


IMG_9469According to our calendar, it is officially spring here in Minnesota.  Not always the case when we look out the window.  This past Wednesday, we got a foot of snow!  The good news is that the sun came out and is warm enough to melt it all away.  By Friday, most of it was gone and we are now back to all grass.   Lets hope that was the last of the white stuff for awhile.

Our grass is trying very hard to show it’s green side.  We are still lacking in the colors of spring, so in order to see that, we headed over to Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis to their flower show.  This has become a tradition for us…mainly because we need to smell those fresh flowers by March to get us over the hump.  It works every time.

This year’s theme is “America The Beautiful.”  There were seven different gardens representing different regions of our lovely country.  The Majestic Rockies, The Enchanting Southeast, The Midwest Fruited Plains, The Pacific Northwest Wonderland, The Vast Southwest, The Shining Northeast Shore and The Statue of Liberty.


When we walked in this year, the fragrance was intoxicating.  I’m not sure which flowers we were smelling the most of, but you didn’t want it to end.  I wanted to take the scent home with me as a potpourri!  The first garden of flowers you see, is the huge Statue of Liberty.  So many colors surrounding this display that you can’t help but circle around it and take it all in.

We traveled on to the other gardens.  I liked the Northeast because it reminded me of Nantucket where Nate and spent some of our honeymoon.  Love the houses out there and in this garden, they had one on display.  Just like the real thing, decorations and all.  We like the nautical theme.


Wouldn’t you love to have a little getaway place like this?


Cute corner garden w/a mini cherry blossom.

I’m not sure where this garden was from but it reminded me of a scary movie where you know the girl/guy shouldn’t go in there, but is going to anyway.  ha~   Kind of like Kelly’s musical…Into The Woods.


The creepy woods~

Since Nate and I aren’t going on a spring break, we thought the next best thing was to have our picture taken amongst the Majestic Rockies.


They really had some spectacular colors mixed in these gardens and if you wanted…you could use your smartphone and listen to their audio and learn more about the flowers you’re looking at and their signifigance to each garden.

When we arrived at the Southwest garden, they looked very familiar to what we see when we have visited Arizona at my parents house and nearby at Peggy’s as well.  A lot of cactus and that beautiful orange/rusty color that I love.   They even had a little water feature running out of the wall.  What a soothing garden.

The Northwest garden had a neat cabin  tucked in to it.  It had many flowers native to the Oregon and Washington area.  It was so pretty that you were tempted to cross over path and step right in and relax.


Grab a book & relax~

Now it is time to go back home and count the days till we see our first bud on the tree, or that little green stem shooting up in our own gardens in Burnsville.  Such a happy place at Macy’s.  It turned our gloomy day into a summery outdoor garden and made us smile~

Happy Spring!!



  1. Oh how beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing that, it made me happy…..three days of rain here!!!!

  2. Traveling through the country in just one afternoon ,enjoying the different landscapes and foliage ,what a neat concept .It looks so pretty fun family event.

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