Birthday Brunch


Someone in the family had a birthday yesterday.  Nate turned a wonderful 52 years young and we helped him celebrate by going out for brunch at the Red Cow restaurant in St. Paul. Nate and I had gone there last year with friends after taking pictures of Megan for Prom.  He enjoyed it so much, that he chose this again to try their breakfast menu.

Once again, we were not disappointed.  Megan and I ordered their blueberry pancakes and our eyes lit up when we saw the size of our plates!  We probably could’ve shared a plate, but then there’s no fun in that.


Now that’s my kind of breakfast.

Nate had his favorite…hash.  This was definitely a fancier version of plain ole hash.  It was a Pastrami Hash, which included pastrami, potatoes, two-eggs over easy, poblano peppers, sauerkraut, mustard seed, with a hollandaise sauce all over a rye toast.  A meal made for a guy.   He loved it!  Kelly enjoyed toast and eggs with some greens over the top.  Everything was plated so pretty and looked so appetizing.


This should fill you up!

We loved the atmosphere inside as well.  We sat upstairs in their porch area.  It was such a beautiful, warm day and they had their screen doors open and we enjoyed a nice breeze while eating our brunch.  Perfect way to start off your birthday.  Sunshine, good food, and your girls sitting at your side.


Our little St. Paul nook~

On our way home, Nate needed to take a slight detour and head down Summit Avenue so we could all drool over the mansions that line that street.  Lots of people out walking their dogs, jogging, pushing strollers, and just enjoying the fresh air.  Those older neighborhoods really have character to them and they are fun to daydream about owning a cute little home in that part of the city, right along the Mississippi.

Oh well…back to Burnsville.  We arrived home and put out the deck furniture because it really felt like summertime.  The temperature was nearly 80 degrees and no one wanted to be inside.  We brought out the presents onto the deck, so Nate could have a little more birthday fun with his favorite girls.

We got him a few things for his manly grill.  A vegetable tray and flip-flops.  We call the flip-flops his grilling shoes.  They can sit by the door and he can just slip them on when running out to flip the burgers.  (no pun intended)


He had other plans for them, I guess.

We also went the golf route and got him a new wind jacket for those cool spring/fall evenings and those nasty windy days when it’s no fun playing golf.  Having something new on the golf course, can only bring you good luck.  We loved the bright red color and it has adjustable sleeve lengths, so it’s three jackets in one.  That part I did not know as I was buying it.  The sales guy told me this.  Oh, okay…that sounds neat.  ha~   I’m hoping that someday, he’ll get that green PGA jacket!  cha-ching~


For now, red works.

It was cake time, so we all enjoyed his favorite Black Forest dessert.  I have made this so many times now, that it’s quite easy for me to whip together.  I’m even getting a little better on my piping around the edges.  Mmm, it was delicious and he was able to get all 5 + 2 candles out, but he was kind enough to leave one lit for his girlfriend of nearly 22 years.

That was just about it for the celebrations because Megan had to leave for work and Kelly had a performance that night.  We dropped her off at the High School then Nate and I enjoyed a quiet date night together.  He grilled some chicken and vegetables (using his new grilling tray) and we opened his favorite wine…a Cotes de Rhone to accompany our terrific meal.  A perfect ending to a nice birthday.


We love grilling!


Cheers to 52 years!

Happy Birthday Hon!   We love you~



  1. The Red Cow… I’ll have to try it! Love the Red coat you got him. Looks great. And red wine to top off the evening. Perfect day it looks like!

  2. Happy Birthday Nate!! What a great day. I wish you luck getting that green jacket, be fun to see you on TV!!

  3. What a great idea going for brunch ,the hash looked really tasty.
    A beautiful day open gifts on the deck ,I see he was sporting his flip flops already.Let the grilling season begin.
    Happy birthday Nate

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