Doggie Dash




Each year, Burnsville High School’s chapter of National Honor Society organized a service project to benefit the community.  Megan is part of the NHS group and helped set this all up.  This year, they announced that they were doing their first ever 5K, the Doggie Dash. All proceeds raised from the Doggie Dash will be donated to Pets Loyal 2 Vets. This is a nonprofit organization that connects US military veterans in Minnesota with trained therapy dogs at no cost to the veteran.

It was a beautiful start to the day.  My friend Jean and her sons’ girlfriend Rosie, came over with their dogs for the first annual Doggie Dash 5K at Sunset Pond.


Getting acquainted with our walking partners.

We had Jazz, Onyx, and Slate.  Slate is a German Shepherd/Retriever mix and Onyx is just a mix of everything!  That’s how Rosie put it.  But Onyx was our most sought out dog today.  Everyone stopped to ask what kind of dog she is and wanted to pet her mohawk.  Ha!


So darn cute~

We left Orchard Place and headed over to the pond.  As soon as we got onto the path, Jazz must’ve gotten too excited and decided to take a poop.  As I was getting the bag out, the other two dogs followed her lead.  Wow, we are off to a great start.  I guess it was good to get that out of the way.  ha~

As we headed around the pond to the sign-in area, we came across a couple of water stations.  How cute…ice cream buckets filled for the dogs and paper cups for the humans.  Our dogs refused the first station, but Jean, Rosie and I grabbed a cup.  Why not!

We got all registered and began our walk.  Some people actually ran the race, but it seemed like more people were walking.  We ran into many friends along the walk…that’s what made this such a fun event.  Great seeing friends, co-workers, and neighbors all out having a good time and meeting their furry friends.

John O’Reilly was Megan & Kelly’s 5th grade teacher, middle picture of some high school friends of Megan’s, and Pat Mosey is our science teacher, who came out with her daughter and dogs to participate.

Along the path, there were some incentives to keep you going.  I’m guessing these signs were meant for the runners and not us walkers.  There were also some chalk drawings that were very creative.  Fun for us to read as our dogs trotted across them.

We came around to our last turn of the path and crossed the finish line.  Our time…about 46.25 minutes.  A little slower than we’d like, but you have to factor in poop, pee, and sniffing butt time.  I think we did well, given the fact that we were walking three dogs at once.   You can’t have a dog race without handing out treats to the participants.  These huge biscuits were a big hit for our dogs and a much needed snack.

In the end, this event had 57 dogs and 133 humans in attendance!   They raised $2009 for Pets Loyal 2 Vets!  I would say it was a successful day.


Thanks Megs for a great event for a wonderful cause!




  1. Wow I’m glad they raised that much, I hope they continue the tradition and it gets bigger! Although in my opinion it was just the right amount of fuzziness and humans!

  2. Way to go Megan! Adding dogs to the mix made it different and fun. Glad the weather cooperated.

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