Megan Grace Graduates!


This is going to be a tough blog for me to get through so I have a box of Kleenex sitting next to me on the couch, just in case.   On Friday night we watched her put on her cap and gown and proudly add that “with distinction” gold rope around her neck and the tears started coming down on my face.   I’m not sure how we got to this point so quickly, but its been a lot of fun watching Megan grow these past 18 years.

When she first started Kindergarten, I cried as well.  I didn’t want her to leave all day but she was so ready for that challenge.  On the first day we walked to school with a group of neighborhood kids and by day two, Megan said to me…”Mommy, you don’t have to walk me to school anymore.  I’m okay.”  Broke my heart into a million pieces.  Maybe she was okay, but I certainly was not, but I had to let her go and that was the start of her independence.


First day of Kindergarten

She made lots of good friends throughout her elementary years and I know many of them will remain strong friendships for life, just as I have those friends as well.  I’ve always told Megan & Kelly that some friends remain forever even if you go off into different directions, they’ll always be there for you.  Megan and Andra have been friends since they were babies.  Even though Andra is off at college, they still find times to get together when she is home for breaks and I’m sure they’ll hook up this summer and do some catching up.

Some others that have been around since the beginning…  Michael & Megan met when they were 11 months old at an Early Childhood class that I signed up for.  Michael is like that silly brother Megan could goof around with.  He always made her laugh.  We did many field trips together when they were little and Dawn and I have been friends ever since.  Oh, I miss those days.   Beccah, Courtney, Kristin and Noelle are girlfriends who just clicked with Megan right away and are still hanging out together to this day.


Next came Junior High and more friends came into the picture…including the boys.  They did many outings together and loved going to the dances, games, and just hanging out on weekends.  It was the time in their lives where it was not fun to have your mom chaperoning anymore, but she still did.  It was also a time where they couldn’t decide on a hairstyle, braces were ugly, clothes weren’t always fitting right, and mascara was needed on your eyelashes.  This was a busy time for Nate and I as well because nobody could drive yet, but they wanted to go out all the time.  So many late nights of picking up kids, driving to their houses, dropping them off, picking up after a sports event, etc…we couldn’t wait until she turned 16 and could drive herself!


Burning it all & moving on to HS!

On to High School…Megan couldn’t wait to move on to the big school.  Now the friendships were strong and the boyfriend came along with it.  She and Jacob started dating at the end of 10th grade and will be celebrating two years this coming August.  He is attending St. Cloud State this fall, so being apart will be a little change for them.


Megan joined the National Honor Society in High School and was elected as the Treasurer in her senior year.  She stopped playing soccer after 11th grade so she could concentrate on her academics and work more.  She is all about saving for college, having spending money for herself and enjoying her last year of high school.


What a fun senior year she had.  Football games, homecoming, prom, bonfires, and many other events I can’t keep track of anymore.  All of her hard work has paid off.  Megan finished High School with a 3.8 G.P.A., and we couldn’t be prouder parents.  She was awarded the District 191 Employee Scholarship as well.  Super excited!

This past Friday night was the graduation ceremony.  The weather was “iffy” for awhile, but as luck would have it, storms passed by us and we had a gorgeous night for an outdoor ceremony.  As the kids marched in, Pomp & Circumstance started playing and I immediately started getting teary.  I needed to grab a kleenex quick so that I could see Megan walk in.  Didn’t want to be all blurry-eyed.

Megan’s graduating class had 586 students this year.  The ceremony lasted two hours and was beautifully done.  When Megan’s name was called and she walked across that stage, both Nate and I looked at each other and smiled amongst our tears.  What a wonderful moment for a parent to have.  I’m in need of my kleenex right now just writing about it.  Once the ceremony ended, we were all allowed to go onto the field, find our kids and take many pictures.  This was so much fun.  I loved seeing all of her friends smiling and so happy.  All of us parents congratulating one another on a job well done.  Megan certainly got into the right group of friends.


Sheri & I with our girls~

Her biggest fan got the first picture taken with the diploma.  Kelly couldn’t get on to that field fast enough to give her big sister a hug.  Again…crying mom.



One of the highlights of our night had to be watching our friend Emily graduate.  I have never seen anyone more excited than her.  It was so fun to watch this young lady cross that stage, grab her diploma, shake hands, and go back to her seat as proud as can be.  She will continue on for a couple of more years at a wonderful program in our district that will help further her independence into adult-hood and Kelly will be working alongside her encouraging her as well.  Yay Emily!

This weekend will be Megan’s graduation party.  We are expecting friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate with us and are praying for good weather.  It will signify the ending of her K-12 career.  She will then begin a new chapter in her life by attending Winona State University this fall to pursue a career in nursing.   (crying again…)

Megan has grown up to be a strong, patient, intelligent, and overall nice person with many good friends in her life.  Nate and I gave ourselves a pat on the back, but when it comes down to it, she is the one who deserves all the credit.  She puts her mind on something, and always accomplishes her goals.    She knows her mom & dad will always be there for her, but I think she’ll do fine without us in the end, which I guess means that Nate & I did our jobs.   (sniff-sniff)   We are excited for her and her college days ahead.


Jazz had to get in on it too~


Love this family!



Goodbye Burnsville High School~

Happy Graduation Megs 2016!!



  1. Congratulations to Megan!!!! Wow, your blog was beautifully written Cathy.
    Time just goes by way too fast.

  2. You made my eyes leak !!!
    Loved this blog she is such s credit to both you ,she is kind and caring
    Smart and funny and I know we are truly blessed that we have Megan in Beccahs life.
    Megan is going to continue to thrive in Winona ,her next step into the an amazing career of nursing.
    Love all the photos,one with Michael priceless!

  3. I’m crying now, darn it! I have been doing a lot of that lately.
    I treasure the days we hung out and the kids were so close. Those are my
    Most favorite days! We had so much fun! I hope for the very best for Megan!
    Great pictures and blog! Love you guys!

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