Time For College



We hit one of those milestones in our family yesterday…we took Megan to Winona to start  her next chapter in life as a college student.  Leading up to yesterday, Megan has been very busy making sure to see each and every friend and spend some quality time before they all venture in different directions.  She and Rebeccah went out for lunch and took pictures out at Lake Calhoun, she and Jacob went and played soccer golf, and Courtney, Olivia & Megan went out for dinner to have some last laughs together.   I love all her friends and have enjoyed watching them all grow up together since Elementary school and now off they go to their chosen colleges to gain a career in life.

The morning we left, Courtney & Olivia came by for one last hug, smile, and to wish her well at Winona.  It was very sweet to see this and get our day started.  I did hear Courtney whisper to Olivia…”If we just stay standing behind the car, they can’t leave.”  ha~


Friendships that last~

We had a beautiful sunny day to drive the river road through Lake City and view Lake Pepin on our way down.  It is one of the best drives in Minnesota and we are so lucky that it’s on our way to Winona.  Always pretty and scenic.


We arrived at her dorm around noon and were quickly greeted by upper class man ready to show us where to park and help carry our stuff up to her room.  Very well organized and we only made one trip up to her 4th floor room.  By the time we unloaded it, a guy was standing next to us with the rest of her things.  Wow, okay then!  Thank you~

First thing Megan wanted to do was put the sheets and comforter on her bed to make it feel a little bit more homey and comfortable.  Her roommate was already moved in and had her bed made up too.  It was cute to see that and get some color into the room.  Kelly was happy to test out the bed while Megan continued to unpack.

While Megan was busy taking things out of her bins, I walked around and took a few pictures of her dorm room.  She is living in a “suite-style” dorm with three other girls.  She and her roommate, Morgan, have one side (with a door) and the other two girls have their own room.  They all four share a bathroom, shower and sinks.  They also have a little “living room” space out front.   It is like their own little apartment.  Megan bought a futon for the living area, another girl brought a flat-screen tv, one brought a Keurig, and another brought a microwave.  I think these girls are pretty well set for a great year ahead in this dorm room of theirs.

Megan’s roommate is Morgan, who is from Marshfield, WI, Reanna is from Andover, MN, and Kaitlyn is from Cottage Grove, MN.  They are all very nice girls and are all in the nursing program.  Think that will be helpful for studying.


Winona is located in picturesque bluff country on the Mississippi. Their dorm is on the 4th floor of Haake Hall (pronounced ‘hockey’).  By being up this high, they have a very nice view of these bluffs.  I bet it will be absolutely gorgeous this fall.

As we left her room to say goodbye, we noticed that these girls also have an entire kitchen and living space on their floor outside of the rooms.  Wow, dorm life sure has changed since our college days.  These kids get a lot of “comforts of home” right here in their own buildings and on each floor.  Very nice.

One thing Megan was bummed about…they spelled her name wrong on her dorm door.  She gets so mad, cause it’s the simplest spelling but everyone tries to make it so fancy by always adding letters.  We laughed…and I shared how everyone always wants to spell my name with a K rather than a C.   I get it.   Not the end of the world, but make them change it Megs!


As we walked outside again to say good-bye, Megan looked over and saw a friend from high school and had a big smile on her face.  She immediately went over to say hi and introduced her to Morgan.


Old friends meeting new friends. 

Now it was our turn to give Megan our biggest hugs and kisses and send her on her way as we make our way back to Burnsville.  It was hard leaving her behind, but Nate and I feel as though we’ve done a good job of raising her and this is the next step in her life and as a parent, you have to let them go.  It’s a hard transition, but its the right transition.  I’m glad we have the technology to keep in touch, because as a mom…I still need that.

They have a “family weekend” at the end of September.  So we are looking forward to driving down and hanging out for a little while then maybe taking her out for dinner and hearing how things are going and about her classes.  It’ll be fun to see her in her new environment and settled in by then.   And maybe by then, I’ll be a little more used to this whole idea of her not being in her room each night.  ugh~ (sniff-sniff)




  1. What a lovely blog
    The view from her dorm is beautiful
    The suite looks very comfortable and the girls are set.
    Love the pic of Nate and Megan ,brought a little tear to my eyes !
    She is ready for her next step because you brought her up to be an amazing young lady

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