There Goes Another Summer


It’s Labor Day weekend and we are sad to say goodbye to summer and head back to school. As always, it seems to go by so fast and you wish you could have another three months of it to enjoy.  Even Jazzy will miss laying in the green grass and enjoying the smells of summer.  I can’t complain tho…we really had a terrific summer and did lots of things.

We did get to enjoy having  Megan home these last three days.  All of her roommates were heading home on Friday for the long weekend and she wanted to as well.  Lindsey and Zach were having a family get-together and she wanted to be there with the family.  I was happy she got a ride home and spent the day with us.  Of course, the first thing she brought to my attention when she got home was all of her laundry.  Gee, thanks for bringing that back for me.  I had to laugh, because I did the same thing to my mom.


We filled this bag to the top!

Once we got the laundry all downstairs, she brought out the grocery/Target list and shared with me all the “must haves” that she is out of.  Okay, I looked at it and all I see is snacks!  I asked her about it and she says, “Mom, we get so hungry, we need snacks!”  The next morning we headed to Target and filled her up again.


You’re welcome~

Before going to Lindsey & Zach’s party, I was to make an appetizer to bring over.  I found a fun one online that I was pretty excited to make and try.  It was a “Cheesy Football”.  It was very easy to make and looked pretty cool.  Perfect for my family because we all like our Vikings…okay, we start out liking them each season and are usually frustrated with them by the end…but hey, we’re from Minnesota and that’s just how it is.

On to the party…Saturday was a gorgeous day and we spent it outdoors at their house.  Lindsey & Zach did a great job of hosting and had terrific food.  They had 3 kinds of pork…pulled pork, pork tenderloin, and ham.  Lindsey made a small plate and describe them to us before serving.  All were fantastic!   Terry, Sandra & I had a good time hanging out on the deck before dinner.

Terry and Paul were in charge of a fruit tray.  They brought a fruit troff!!  They had so much fruit, we were laughing when Paul came through the door with a tray that weighed about 20 pounds.   She said she was worried the car would be dragging.  haha!  But it’s good for us, right?!


Eat up!

It was fun getting together at the end of the summer and just relaxing.  They had a bean bag toss for the adults and a jumper for the kids.  Kinsey, Link, and Paula had a blast playing in that.

It was fun to see Courtney and Mike.  We haven’t seen them as a married couple yet, so it was fun to catch up with them and hear what’s new.  They are living in Inver Grove Heights now, but starting to look for a new place, possibly in Eagan, which is more centrally located between their jobs.  Fun to be a newlywed!  Oh, and they dress alike now.

Courtney had a special gift for me when we arrived.  She found these cute wine boxes that are small and compact and look like a kids’ juice box.  She added a straw to make it look even more that way and had a tag on it that said, “To Aunt Cathy.”  This made me laugh out loud.  I opened it and poured two glasses.  Very good wine too…and no, I didn’t use the straw.


Cheers to Courtney!

It wouldn’t be a party without the little ones.  Paula, Kinsey, and Link never stopped running, squealing, eating, laughing, screaming, and playing the entire time.  Those two girls get along so well and play nicely together.  Being so close in age, they like the same things, eat together, and even shared some clothes that day.  Link kept up with them pretty well for being the only boy.  Every now and then, he’d come looking for Mom, Dad, or Grandpa with tears, but once he got his hug, things were better and he’d head back for more fun with the girls.

Jim came later in the day because he was refereeing a football game.  We stayed until it was dark and the bonfire was started.  It really was a great day and love being with the family.

When Sunday came, Megan actually was doing homework and Kelly went off to work a few hours and Nate and I joined our first ever Fantasy Football league.  We went over to our neighbors, Laura & Karl’s house and met up with some others.  It’s done online, so we brought our computer and logged on.  It was a little confusing at first, but then we got the hang of it and I think we’re going to have fun.  Nate & I feel like we got some good picks, but really, it might just be a lot of luck involved.  We only picked one Viking…our kicker, because he scores the most points for our team.  hehe.   I shouldn’t say this out loud…but our pick for quarterback was going to be Aaron Rogers, but he was chosen by the time it was our round.  Sorry Del & Jere (but boy that would’ve been a tough one for me).

Once again, we found ourselves in the midst of a wonderful spread of food that Karl & Laura had put out.  Their poor dog Yoshi, wasn’t too thrilled with his seat in the house.


The weather wasn’t all that great today for Labor Day, but we wanted to get that grill going to signal the end of summer.  Nate grilled quesadillas and corn for us…sort of a Mexican Monday meal for the holiday.  Megan was craving corn-on-the-cob and Kelly wanted quesadillas.  Together, they formed a perfect pair.  I added some watermelon to the meal, and it was all delicious!   We made it into a late lunch because Megan was leaving around 3:30 to head back to school.  The weather cooperated and we got to enjoy it outside on our deck, with no bugs.   Labor Day was successful!

So now it comes down to setting alarm clocks, making lunches, and picking out clothes for the next day.  All those things we are excited to do for about one week, then we’ll start complaining and asking, “How many days left till schools out?”

I think Charlie Brown says is best…



See you all this fall~



  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday weekend. 🙂 Michael also brought a whole bunch of laundry. 🙂
    I enjoyed helping him out because I missed him so much.

  2. Cathy, wishing Megan a great college start, Kelly an incredible year, and you a super year at HV! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

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