Homecoming 2016


The school season is underway and that means football games, dances, homework, and of course…Homecoming.  It was a little strange for me this year, that it was only Kelly doing all of the Spirit Week fun leading up to homecoming.  I usually have two girls looking for outfits, running around crazy, looking for jewelry & purses to match, and putting on makeup before hurrying out the door to meet up with friends.

It all started back at the end of August when Kelly was sitting on the couch doing some summer homework.  Her girlfriend stopped over and pulled her outside.  Standing there was Zach, with a sign asking her to Homecoming.  She said yes, and the shopping began.


His sign has a reference to the musical “Hamilton”.  Kelly’s fav at the moment.

Kelly and Zach are good friends and met while doing the musical, “Man of LaMancha”.  He is also the captain of the cross-country team and they have lots of fun together and love just hanging out as teens do.   During spirit week, they both dressed as Batman for “Super-Hero day.  She borrowed his shirt.  I thought they looked so cute doing this.


They like to have fun together.

The night of Homecoming, Kelly’s choir sang the National Anthem.  I didn’t go to see this, but she said they sounded great and it was a lot of fun and got her into the game free.  That was her biggest thrill.  ha!   Once at the game, those kids always have so much fun hanging out in the student section and making lots of noise (one reason Nate & I chose to stay home and watch it on tv).   I love how they dress up in their school’s colors and really unite as one whole team…Burnsville Strong!

We were very impressed that Kelly actually watched the game and knew the final score!  Hmm, my friend Sheri never could do that.  hehe

The King and Queen were present at the game as well.  The king is one of our leading running backs on the Burnsville football team and the Queen is one of Kelly’s good friends from the theater.   Happy to say that Burnsville beat AppleValley 31-21 that night.  Always fun to win your homecoming game.

Saturday was the Homecoming dance…also known as the “photo shoot” day.  We parents get our phones all charged up because we know that we will be taking well over 100 photos of these kids in their groups for about an hour.  I just stand there waiting to hear, “Mom, over here now.”  Okay, Kel, on my way.

Kelly’s group this year, consisted of 14 couples.  This was a lot of kids to get settled down for one group shot.  They chose a place in Eagan that had beautiful gardens, a gazebo, walking paths, and even a bridge.  A very picturesque place with lots of space.  We took many, many photos.  The only drawback, was the wind!  So we needed to keep trying to keep the hair in place, this was not an easy task.  And keeping the girls dresses down, was also a factor.  Thank goodness they wear shorts underneath.  Yikes, lots of Marilyn Monroe moments for Kelly yesterday.  haha~

We got the couples pictures, it was time to move on to the group shots.  We waited for that “one boisterous parent”  to shout out and get the ball rolling  (there’s always that parent in every group) haha.   Once we heard her call…we parents get on board and start moving along as well.  Okay, get your cameras ready to click, because you need a lot of these, just to get one good picture.

This went pleasantly well.  This group knows how to work the camera.  After the groups were done, we had a little time left before they were heading off to dinner.  Kelly wanted to get some pictures with her best friend Emily.  We hung out with the four of them and had a little more fun before it was time to leave.

What a fun day for everyone.  Nate and I always enjoy watching our girls grow up, dress up, and having a good time with their friends.  It’s what school and being a teenager is all about.  Having these great memories of their youth…and Mom documenting it all!


Love her!



  1. Kelly looked stunning in her dress a perfect dress ,great taste Kelly!
    I love the location for photos very pretty and natural .
    Homecoming week is such fun time and she looks like she enjoyed every moment.

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