Autumn Splendor

We can’t say enough about this fall.  It has been absolutely gorgeous here in Minnesota and even as I write this on October 30th, we are still enjoying many colorful leaves on our trees and 70 degree weather.   September and October have always been favorite months of mine.  There are many things to do in fall and when the weather cooperates, it makes everyone smile and happy.

We’ve gone out to the greenhouse twice this fall.  Our first trip was to pick out some Mums for the front yard.  Bringing our mums home, always signals that fall has begun around the neighborhood.  I took Kelly and Emily out with me and we enjoyed the warm weather on a mid September day.  Mark and the dogs were there to greet us as always, and our fieldtrip began.

Emily picked out a mum for her family and was in charge of pulling the wagon.  She’s done this before and got right to work.  She is really good at navigating around the greenhouse with that wagon.  Very impressive!  We always have to take time to play with the dogs and Jack, the black cat.  They are definitely part of the Sailer family out there.


Jack loves the attention~

After getting our flowers, we went over to Mark & Peggy’s house and hung out in the backyard and took in the wonderful view of the lake before heading back home.  It was such a warm, sunny day, and we just didn’t want it to end.

Fall is also the time that brings out the “comfort food”.  The warm breads, apple pies, anything and everything pumpkin, squash, and the last chance to get some grilled food before Nate closes up the grill for winter.   Mmm, we love making the house smell wonderful!

As we move into October, we needed to think about pumpkins and bringing some orange decor to the outside of the house mixed in with those mums and even a little inside decorating to do, as well.   Off we went to the greenhouse again.

Finding the right pumpkin is always lots of fun.  After staring at the pile for a minute, it was time to just dig in and start pulling some out, turning them around, and seeing if we could even lift them.  Some of Mark’s pumpkins were so large, there was no way we would even attempt to bring them home, much less carve them.  It would take hours to slice your way through these.

Once we found our pumpkins, we wandered through the store area and looked at their neat halloween decorations and displays.  Emily thought it would be funny to put on the scary skeleton headband.  We laughed and it got us int the Halloween spirit.

One thing Sheri and I enjoy getting, is the colorful gourds.  She makes a pretty arrangement outside by her front door that we get to enjoy looking at each time we drive past her house.  I picked some out to display on our island in the kitchen.  It’s nice to be able to bring a little of those fall colors into your house.


Another part of our Autumn Splendor is hosting our HalloWine party.  This was on 6th year of getting together with co-workers and friends.  Once again, we had some creative appetizers put on our table.  I love that each year, we get new ideas still.  Pinterest is helpful for us in that way.   We had a great party with 70 degree temperatures outside.  It allowed us to open the doors and windows and enjoy hanging out on the deck all night as well as the kitchen.  Nate lit the torches and turned on the party lights.  It felt wonderful to be outside at the end of October on a beautiful fall evening.


I only took one picture of the guests this year.  I started, then decided to just put away the camera and enjoy the night.   Here are some of our new food items that were impressive and tasty!  The one that looks like a duck, is actually a “Trump-kin” rather than a pumpkin.  A little election humor  haha~

It wouldn’t be Halloween without mentioning costumes.  Kelly went to a costume party last night with her friends from the Swing Club (they are also the drama kids).  They came up with the idea of dressing as the Scooby Doo Gang.  I loved this theme and when I saw the pictures, they looked perfect!  Great job.

From left to right…Velma, Fred, Daphne, Scooby & Shaggy.  Kelly made her Daphne costume for about $8.  What a fun idea…those meddling kids!

The last of our Autumn Splendor is carving the pumpkins.  Tomorrow is Halloween and we need to have our sidewalk lit by silly, funny, or spooky faces.  It felt a little different, not having Megan here to carve with us.  This has always been a favorite activity of hers, so I sent a few pictures and wondered if she was carving a small little pumpkin of her own to put in her dorm room.   I wanted to send her a Halloween treat from us, so Kelly & I got her the best caramels that we all love from our local chocolate shop…Abdallah’s.  I think she will love her surprise in the mail.

Now it’s time to carve…I asked Megan if it was okay that I sat in her spot to carve and she was okay with that.  Nate sent her a picture of me and he called it, “the new Megan”.  We got to work (which means Kelly & I got to the internet for inspiration) while Nate cuts the tops off of our pumpkins.  This has become our new tradition…probably because he got tired of listening to us girls whine about how long it takes and it’s the boring  part.  ha!

I found my face that I would attempt and Kelly aspired to her love of Hamilton the musical.    She carved out the logo on the playbill.  It turned out really cool.  As always, Nate just sits down and the knife goes to work.  We always love his dramatic faces…this is why we choose a large pumpkin for him to fill it out.  I went with the cute, little face this year and was happy with my outcome as well.


Hoping to see the musical someday~

Tomorrow is October 31st and as we carefully move into November, we are hoping the warm weather continues for as long as possible.  Today Nate did round two of removing leaves from the front and back yard and he will need to do this at least one more time.  We still have tress full of colorful leaves that we can still enjoy.  I ran out and took some pictures today before he raked them all away.  I was torn because they are so pretty, but I know they can’t stay.  It’s too bad we can’t be blanketed by these fall colors more than one time a year.

Happy Autumn Splendor to you~



  1. Fall is my absolute favorite season and you captured it so well
    Picking the pumpkins so fun at your brothers and the fabulous leave colors
    The weather has just been delightful to enjoy every moment
    Your party was super fun and it looked like Kelly had a blast at hers too.
    Again the Solberg’s are talented with design on the pumpkins you made some wonderful fall memories.

  2. Excellent photography and carving. Kelly gets our vote for pumpkin of the year! How many hours did it take? Was Dad the model? You’re lovin’ your autumn!

  3. This fall has been wonderful and your party was so fun!
    Kelly looked so cute in her costume!
    Love halloween!

  4. Wow, what great fall fun!!! We were so lucky with the weather. Your pictures are fabulous. Such fun to read!!!!

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