Holiday Wreaths


During the holidays, you sometimes feel like getting crafty.  This year my friends Sheri, Catherine and I went out to Sailer’s Greenhouse and participated in a wreath making class.   My niece Nikki, was our instructor and taught us how to create a beautiful balsam wreath that we could hang either inside or outside of our house.

When she first started explaining how we were going to go about this, the three of us started panicking a little.  It sounded much more detailed than we thought we were going to be doing.  Silly us, we were expecting to take a few branches and stuff them into a nice prearranged slot, then add some bling.  We quickly found out, that was not how it was done.  Oh boy~


She started using words like…wiring, triangular placement, chunky, glue guns…yikes, I think we were suppose to be in the elementary class, not advanced class!  Luckily, one gal was brave enough to ask Nikki if she could show us how we would be using the wire…we all took a step closer and leaned in.   Okay, lesson was over and it was time to go exploring and find things to put on our wreaths.

First step was to come up with your color theme.  This part was easy for me…Sheri, not so much.  She always becomes the “deer-in-the-headlights” at this point on every craft project we attempt.  So being the good friend I am, I walked away from her and did my own thing, knowing she’ll be awhile.  (haha)   Good luck Sheri!

The greenhouse was decorated so beautifully and all your colors were organized in each area.  This made things much easier when choosing your items. I love things organized!

It was hard to know what items to pick when you first get started, but Catherine had a great technique of grab anything you like and bring it along to the table.  We can always leave it out, but better to have more than less.  She was right.  I chose to go with browns and silver tones for my wreath, while Sheri & Catherine chose the reds and silver/golds for theirs.


First step was to lay it all out on the wreath and see what you like and/or what fits or doesn’t fit.  Nikki told us to get one large, chunky item as a focal point then work around that.   I went over to Sheri’s and she had to massive bows on her wreath and says, “This doesn’t look right.”  Catherine & I suggested she take one bow off and get some littler things.  We helped each other out many times throughout the day.


Step one complete~

Now that we’ve completed this step, it was time to move on to the advanced part and we were hoping that Nikki would just come over and do this for us.  Well, that didn’t happen and we had to try on our own.   Catherine was pretty good at digging right in and giving it a try with all that wire.  The problem with the wire, was that you had to lift your wreath and wrapped this wire around the ornaments or embellishments that you have while trying to keep the other stuff from falling off the table.  Not so easy.  Many times I thought my things were wired, only to pick up my wreath and down it all came.  grrr…I wanted that glue gun so bad.  That would be the easy route, but no…wires were needed first!   As we working, I heard a crash and then, “oh oh!” (in a British accent).   Catherine & I started laughing, then the help arrived with a broom & dustpan.


Cleanup for Sheri!

We worked hard and got most of our stuff on by ourselves before finally caving in and asking for a little help.  Nikki rearrange some items on Catherine’s wreath, Ellie helped Sheri & I with some wires and we were able to complete the task and keep everything on our wreaths…for now.


Family comes first…help!

Next, we were on to the glue gun table (yay!) and making sure nothing will ever fall off again.  As I brought my wreath over, I noticed a very sweet little doggie hanging out on the table, taking a nap on the burlap.  Jake was walking around most of the day with us, but then I guess he got bored and just hopped up onto a cozy little spot and stayed there.  We laughed.   So cute~

After two hours of crafting, laughing, giggling, and wiring…we accomplished our task.  All three of us love our new wreaths and are very proud of ourselves.  This was such a fun way to spend a December day and I can’t wait to do it again next year.  I bet our group will grow and maybe this will be yet another tradition out at Sailer’s for me and my friends.


As we left for the day, Mark told me that I did a good job and he really liked my wreath.  I’ll take that as a huge compliment as he knows my crafting ability.  Thank goodness for glue guns.  🙂


Love coming out here!

When the girls got home last night, they sent me a picture of their wreaths hung up in their homes.   Beautiful job ladies!




  1. This was such a fun event I am super proud of my wreath and after I got over my overwhelming need to bolt I calmed down
    I got down on the floor ,to get to grips with that wire ,hehe
    Your masterpiece is beautiful love the accents you used.
    As always your family are welcoming encouraging and forgiving !
    Jake was a hoot up on the glue table
    Can we do it again next year ?

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