A ‘Teen’ For One More Year


img_3112Another year has gone by for Megan and she has entered the last of her teenage years.  This past Wednesday, she celebrated number 19.  We were so happy that she could be home from college to celebrate with us.  Nate, Kelly and I had to work of course, so she spent the night before at a friends house watching movies, talking, and eating yummy treats.  Then she got to have some quiet time at home until we arrived after our work day and school was done.

I had a rough day at work on Wednesday, so coming home and seeing her smiling face was just what I needed to change my mood and lift my spirit.  She wanted to open her gifts before we headed out for a special dinner, so let the fun begin.

The first thing she grabbed was a special card made by Emily.  It was such a cute card with tons of balloons all over it.  So festive, brightly colored, and was the perfect birthday card that made us all smile.


Thanks Emily!

We had a few presents that we’d been hiding since she returned from college.  Megan loves good shampoos and hair products and being a college kid means you can’t spend a lot of money anymore on your hair.  It’s one of those “cut backs” you have to make.  So we got her some expensive products, a curling wand, and a gift certificate to the salon she likes.  Maybe a cut and highlight is in her near future.

During this first semester at school, Megan was doing some traveling to see her friends at their colleges.  She brought up the fact that she doesn’t have a travel bag and is carrying a couple little bags every time she goes some place.  So…overnight bag went onto the list and she was very thankful to open this gift.


Ready to do some more traveling~

Kelly got her a super cute long-sleeved T-shirt from the brand…Life’s Good.  Megan loves dogs and the saying on the shirt is perfect.  It says…Be the person your dog thinks you are.   What a great idea from her sister.


Love this!

Her last gift was something she had requested ( but it was already on my list).  She wanted a Fitbit.  Once she started college, she realized how much she was walking from class to class and wanted to keep track of this, her heart rate, etc…so a Fitbit is a great way to do that.   She kind of knew from the size of the box what was inside, but still, I caught her happiness once she unwrapped it.   Gotcha!

Megan has been craving a hamburger for about a week now, so she chose Burger Moe’s in St. Paul for her birthday dinner.  This is a restaurant we’ve gone to before the Wild hockey games, since it’s just down the street from the Xcel Energy Center and they have fabulous hamburgers.   She found a Cajun one on their website menu, so that was the clincher and beer on the menu worked for Nate & I.


Aah, a much needed beverage after a long day~

We enjoyed some food and had some fun with the camera and the birthday girl.


It was decorated so pretty inside for the holidays~


We headed back home for dessert rather than the free sundae they offered Megs.  She didn’t want a cake this year and instead asked for large muffins.  She had found some at HyVee that looked good, so Nate stopped on his way home and found a pack that consisted of Lemon Poppyseed, Butter Rum and Red Velvet.  Well, how to choose from that!  Megan knew right away she wanted the red velvet, so we added a candle and sang to her.   We had our muffins and decided that this was really a fun treat on her birthday.  Always like trying something new and different.


A tray of goodness~

The easy part was blowing out only one candle…hmm, maybe this was the reason behind a muffin vs a cake…she knew it would be difficult to get 19 candles out!  We’re on to you now Megs.  Next year, back to a cake and 20 candles.

We’ve enjoyed all 19 years with this girl and look forward to many, many more birthdays, dinners, and desserts!


Happy Birthday Megan.  We love you~


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