A Floral Easter Birthday

My blog title has three different events in it.  It’s been a busy weekend.  I will start with the Floral

Saturday was my annual Ladies Night at the Greenhouse, only this year we tried a Saturday afternoon outing, for something different.   It was a pretty, sunny day with the temperature reaching 72 degrees!  In the greenhouse, it felt about 80.   Most of us were still wearing double layers and shedding them as we went along.   Murphy was the smart one…we found him under the plants in a nice, cool & shady spot.  Perfect for a dog.

As always, Nikki gave us the instructions on how to get started (they are getting shorter each year) and we got underway.


We had four “newbies” this year that joined us…Tracy and Shelly, both neighbors of mine.   Shelly moved away years ago, but we still see each other quite often and Karen, who is a friend of Elizabeth’s, and Julie who used to work with us at Hidden Valley, but retired a couple years ago.  I love it when we have new people join us, it’s fun to see how much fun they have and they always tell me they want to come back next year.

I am usually taking pictures while everyone is planting, but this year I decided to get started on my planting and then take pictures after.  Sheri noticed this change and immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting.  So I have her to thank for some of my photos while my hands were in the dirt.


I decided to go with an orange theme this year in my planter.  I wish I would’ve kept the little tags of what flowers I planted, but I was too busy talking and threw everything away when I was done.  I know I have pansies in there and some green vines of sort, and I love my cute addition of a pinwheel, butterfly & wooden flower.  Anyway, it’s all planted and now we pray that it grows into some wonderful, glorious looking planter that we can enjoy on our deck all summer.  (fingers crossed)


It’s what we’re all thinking~

Catherine was working across from me, so I kept taking pictures of her working.  That’s probably not the spot she’ll take next year.  hehe

My other friends worked hard on their pots, planters, and even terrariums.  Here are some of their beautiful floral displays.

Such a fantastic day and probably my favorite “friends” day of the year.  We all look forward to this day because it’s so much fun and so relaxing.  It’s what all girlfriends need at least one time a year.   I polled them afterward and turns out, they like the Saturday afternoon over the Friday night.  So next year, it’ll be wine, flowers and food at the Greenhouse on a Saturday.  Whatever works ladies!


Next on the title is Easter…last weekend, Kelly and I volunteered at my work for their Easter “Egg”-stravaganza!   It is an annual event that brings in around 300 families coming through our childcare center.  They have games, a petting zoo, face painting, and of course, the Easter Bunny.

Neither of these were the real Easter Bunny, but I thought the one on the right was a cutie.

Kelly and I were in charge of the Egg & Spoon Race.  We had so much fun with this and the kids were adorable.  They all tried their best and won a prize once they got their egg into the bucket.  They were so excited to get an egg from us, then open it to find a stamp inside.  It was great.

Another game they had was “Pin the Tail on the Bunny”.  That was nearby us, so we watched a few of those kids, when we had a lull at the beginning.

The petting zoo had llama’s, goats, sheep, horses, and a dog for the kids to come in and pet and even brush their fur, if they’d like.  It was cute and the whole day was a family friendly event that was really enjoyable for all.    The little guy in the bunny ears is one of my kids in my class.  He looked adorable.

On Wednesday, we had a visitor “hop” into our classroom.  This was a fun surprise for all of our kids.  They got such big smiles and hopped around the room with the bunny.  Then when it was time for him to leave, they all got a chance to hug the bunny, if they wanted.

Today is Easter, but it’s also Nate’s Birthday, the third item in the title.  His birthday actually started last night as we went out for dinner.  He picked a restaurant called Pizzeria Lola.  It is ranked one of the best pizza places in the country, so we had to get on this fast.  They make their pizza’s in a wood-fire oven and have an original menu with what we call…”not your typical” pizza’s (our favorite kind).


That’s one hot oven!

We ordered three different pizza’s to share.  One was a Korean with a Thai vinagrette, a “Sunny-side up” which had two eggs on top with leeks & creamy cheese sauce, and the third was called, “Beautiful Country” which was a prosciutto and asparagus with a truffle oil & honey glaze on top.  They were all amazing!  We all agreed that we ranked the “Sunny-side up” as the favorite, but really did enjoy them all.

While we were waiting for our table, we saw that they have a photo booth and a wall with tons of pictures hanging up.  We wanted to add to that wall, so in we went and had a little fun before dinner.

We got filled up, but of course, we did mention to our waitress that it was Nate’s birthday and she surprised him with a cute little vanilla sundae with olive oil and sea salt and a candle on top.  Such a neat little treat and that too, was spectacular tasting.  The perfect sweet ending to our night.


A little b-day kiss~

Today is actually Easter and Birthday.  We went to church, then came home to make a nice birthday/easter brunch.  Megan took over the kitchen this weekend while home from college.  She misses her baking when at school and enjoys helping out whenever she can.  She found a recipe for an Egg Ring.  It was crescent rolls with bacon, scrambled eggs, red pepper, and cheese.  It was very tasty and great brunch idea and looked so pretty.  We served lemon poppy seed and blueberry scones to go along with it.  (Sheri…your scones are still #1)


She also made Nate’s birthday cake this year.  He wanted to try something new and chose a chocolate cake with a peanut butter frosting.  It was delicious and light tasting.  Because it’s also Easter, Megan decided to add peanut butter eggs as a decorative topping to incorporate the two holidays.  Loved it!!

Next it was time to open a few gifts.  It’s gets harder to think of things as the years go on, but I managed to surprise him pretty good this year.  Nate always talks to us about how he loves the hot dogs at the gas station.  We hear about it all the time and just giggle.  So I went online and found a hot dog roller machine that they use in the gas stations.   We had him open a package of hot dogs first and he was very confused as to why we’d give him just hot dogs for a present.  Then he opened the big box…that got a good laugh!  We’re going to have a lot of fun with that this summer.

His other gift, was one that Megan had suggested and it’s a good one.  He’s such a “techy” guy that we thought the Apple Watch would be perfect for him.  It’s got lots of fun gadgets that he can use and it syncs with his iPhone, so we knew he’d enjoy this.  He’ll drive me crazy for while as he plays with it, but once the newness wears off, it’ll all be good and we think its something fun for him to have.


Our weekend is coming to an end and so are the holidays that we’ve been enjoying all week.  It’s a gorgeous, sunny day out today and warm.  Nate has planned to grill some chicken and have a nice bottle of wine to end his birthday.  I’ll drink to that!

Happy Birthday Hon!  We love you~IMG_4429




  1. Oh my goodness I loved everything thing about your blog today
    First happy birthday Nate what a perfect birthday surrounded by your girls .
    We love that restaurant it has everything and then some and wow like the idea of that sundae.
    Megan so talented ,the cake looked splendid as did the breakfast ring, I will pass on my receipt for a proper English cream Tea I know you can pull it off .
    Easter bonanza was so cute ,who knew pin the tail on the bunny 🐰 adorable
    Our greenhouse adventure is one of my highlights of the year it’s always a shame when we have to go home I could do a day of it.I now want to do all our pots

  2. Busy busy fun weekend! Love all your pictures! Happy happy birthday Nate! Looks like it was fantastic! Love the hotdog machine! How fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Nate! What a great picture of you and your daughters……and of you with your beautiful wife and the dessert!!!!!
    What a fun Spring you all are having. Again, thank you Cathy so much for sharing, love it!

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