Belle Of The Prom


Yesterday was an exciting day for Kelly.  It was her Junior Prom and she couldn’t have had a more gorgeous day.   I used the title “Belle” because Kelly’s dress was the color of Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast.   An absolutely beautiful color on her with her dark hair and pretty sky-blue accents on her shoes, wrist and clutch.   Now let’s back up and I’ll show you how she got to this day.

Kelly and her friend Greg, have been good friends since 7th grade.  They ride share together to school, study and help each other out with homework, hang out at the theater (Greg is the lights guy), and they just enjoy each other’s company with no strings attached.  Neither had a date for Prom, so Kelly said, “Lets go together”.  This messed with Greg a little because he then asked…”Okay, so do I need to ask you still?” Kelly responds…”you don’t have to.”  This makes Greg nervous…he’s wondering if he should make it official, so of course, he surprised her one rainy night by coming over with a sign and asked her properly.  He’s such a good guy and we love him for that.  He was brought up in that old fashion way that still works today.


He’s still making fun of her chopsticks she wore in her hair in Jr. High.

Kelly found her dress online for around $20 back in February.  I believe it shipped from China, so you never know how long it will take to get here, so she shopped early.  She called our local seamstress gal that has been altering both girls’ dresses for years now, and she did her magic and made the dress fit perfectly.  It took about five fittings, but worth it.    Next, Kelly was hoping to find burgundy shoes as her accent color but had no luck.  She came across some pretty sky blue ones and decided to change the color scheme to make those work.   We found some nail polish to match and she got lucky and found a clutch as well. It all worked out and looked so springy.  Some of the other girls had interesting shoes under their dresses…


That gal did match the purple to her floral dress anyway~

Now the last piece of the puzzle, is the hair.  Kelly wanted an updo for this special occasion and thought it would look best.  I told her I’d pay for her hair and she quickly got on the phone and made herself and appointment (imagine that).  After finding a few ideas on Pinterest yesterday morning, I drove her to the salon and the stylist did a wonderful job of doing exactly what Kelly wanted.

Next I dropped her at her friend Natalie’s house, who was in charge of makeup.  She is another drama kid who does a great job with the makeup, so many girls go to her for these special days.  She charges $10.  By the time she’s done will all these ladies, she has her dress paid for and some extra spending money.  Thank you Natalie, Kelly looks fabulous!


The time came to head out to the venue where the parents start clicking their cameras non-stop for about two hours to make sure we get the perfect pictures…because our kids will say, “send me that please” and we will spend hours trying to send the right one and in the end, they will say….”just text them all to me and I’ll delete the ones I don’t want” ugh….okay.

So off we go to Minneapolis to the Stone Arch Bridge.  What a beautiful bridge, but a crowded place on a summer evening.  Lots of walkers and bikers all along the bridge, so we needed to be respectful of the bike paths and they of us trying to take pictures.  Lots of bells were dinging on the bikes as they approached.  This was actually a good thing to get our attention and not get rolled over.  I was jumping out of the way whenever I heard the “ting-ting”.  ha~


What a gorgeous landmark~

This bridge has a lot of history to it.   The Stone Arch Bridge is a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls in downtown  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length of Mississippi River, and also the second oldest next to Eads Bridge.


The Eads Bridge from St. Louis, stretching over the Mississippi River toward Illinois

The bridge was built to connect the railway system to the new Union Depot, which at that time was planned to be built between Hennepin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue. The bridge was completed on 1883, costing an amazing sum of $650,000 during the time ($16.7 million today).

Positioned between the 3rd Avenue Bridge and the I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge, the Stone Arch Bridge was built in 1883 by railroad tycoon James J. Hill for his Great Northern Railway,  and accessed the former passenger station located about a mile to the west, on the west bank of the river. The structure is now used as a pedestrian and bicycle  bridge. It is an Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 as a part of the Saint Anthony Falls Historic District.

Wayne Moran Photography

Bridge at night with Minneapolis in the background.


When we first arrived, we met up with her date, Greg.  He was with his mom and her good friend Sue.   We got to see Greg in his tie that Kelly picked out to match her dress.  It was perfect and he looked terrific.   He bought her a corsage and the boutonnière that they would wear to the dinner and dance.  The easy part was putting on the wrist corsage, but not so easy to get that flower on Greg.  As always, Nate comes to the rescue.  He has done this in the past with Megan and her dates as well.  Kelly gave him the thumbs up, once it was in place.   Good thing Greg has a good sense of humor and can laugh at Kelly.


Stylish looking couple~

We took some picture of the two of them, then it was off to the bridge and catch up with their friends for the group shots.   These are all kids in the theater group, so they are very outgoing and willing to be goofy and take many pictures.  Lets just say, they are not camera shy.    We started out on the bridge with the buildings as a backdrop.


Fantastic group 

Then moved around and had the Guthrie Theater in our background.   I was surprised that they didn’t choose this as their picture taking place in the first place…being theater kids.




Having some fun~

We couldn’t leave without getting some photos of those stunning arches.  I tried my best to capture them.  Nate took the picture on the bottom left and did some nice editing and enhancing to show off the bricks.

After pictures were done, Kelly and the group headed to a restaurant called The Crooked Pint for some dinner before heading off to the dance at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. She didn’t have her camera out during either of those, so I have no pictures of that.  They all had a great time then afterward, about 8 of them came over to our house for a late-night bonfire before calling it a night.   It was a very successful Prom.

One of my fondest memories of yesterday was when Kelly was at home getting ready and she says…”Mom, I just love getting all dressed up.  It’s so much fun and makes me happy!”  What girl doesn’t like being treated as the Belle of the Ball…or in this case…the Prom.


We love our Kel Belle~



  1. Kelly truly was belle of the ball this dress is sophisticated and she looked stunning.
    I love how Kelly is confident to go with what she loves and she owns it.
    What a great group of friends gathered and location is superb for Kelly .
    Glad that Megan was home to watch her baby sister.
    Great memories made

  2. Such a perfect night! The dress is gorgeous, her hair and shoes and clutch so pretty! Great combo, Kelly, such good taste!

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