The Merry Merry Month Of May


May was a very busy month at school.  We celebrated “Older American’s week”, which included: hat day, pajama day, back to the 50’s day, mixed up day, scarf day and Ebenezer day.  We also celebrated Mother’s Day & just yesterday, we had Preschool Graduation.  Throughout our days, we also managed to take a walk to see our Young Preschool garden which we will be in charge of taking care of this summer, along with some of our grandparents.  We also did a unit on birds for a week and have been having lots of fun continuing that throughout our May days.  Let’s go back to to the start…

Older American’s Week was a lot of fun for the kids and included many intergenerational activities throughout the week.  To kick it off, we had hat day and met up with the grandparents for a cute photo-op which included some fun props.

The kids and teachers had a good time wearing their hats all day.


Its the best shot we could get~

One of the other days was more for the Grandparents…Back to the 50’s!   I was surprised at how well some of our parents did with dressing up their kids for this.  We had a poodle skirt, greased hair, and the classic white t-shirt with jeans rolled up.  In the morning, we went to the chapel and listened to a wonderful group sing all the oldies.  I felt a little old myself, cause I knew all the words to most of the songs.  It was great fun and the grandparents had a ball!

On Ebenezer Day, we went upstairs and did an art project with some grandma’s.  When we walked in and saw paint, I immediately wanted to turn around and head back.  What were they thinking!  They wanted the kids to make a handprint on the paper, then the grandma’s were to put their handprint next to the child’s and a heart would be stamped in-between.  Okay, this sounds cute…but  it was a messy one for both kids and grandma’s and I had no idea what they were going to do with these.  We tried our best (and thankfully the grandma’s had good attitudes) and we kept the paint to mainly the tabletops and not the windows nearby.  A week later, I found this beautiful, colorful quilt displayed outside in the hallway.      Okay, it was worth it.   It made me smile~


A paper quilt~

One of my most favorite days at this job so far, was the day we walked up to our garden out in the back of Ebenezer.  Each summer, the Young Preschool room plants a garden out back and takes care of it all summer, then hopefully get to eat the “fruits of the their labor” by fall.  We haven’t decided what vegetables we will be planting yet, but it should be a lot of fun watching them grow all summer long and learning what it takes to care for a garden.  I’ve also asked for some flower seeds so we can add some pretty color around it.  I like zinnias, so hopefully they will be a nice attraction to our garden.

The day we went out for the walk, it was absolutely the most prettiest spring day you could ask for.  The temperature was about 70, the sun was shining, and the crabapple trees were in full bloom!  What a gorgeous backyard that I didn’t even know was back here.  I will be taking more walks here this summer for sure.

The kids were having such a good time walking through all the crabapple blossoms that were on the ground.  It looked like a snowy day!  We couldn’t help but reach down, pick some up, and throw them into the air.

It smelled wonderful out there and I loved how colorful everyone looked amongst the green grass and white petals.  I could’ve hung out there all afternoon.  Truly a perfect spring day~

Since it is the month of May, we had to learn about birds.  Back in the classroom we had a week of listening to bird calls, playing with feathers, making birds out of shapes, pretending we had beaks, and learned how to peel a hard-boiled egg.

The kids really enjoyed this week and are now aware of bird sounds all the time and if they see them outside, they always yell to me, “Ms. Cathy…I see a bird! or Ms. Cathy, I hear a bird!”  It’s fun and I love that they are using what we learned and following through even after the week has gone by.   The best part of the week was when we pretended what it might be like to be a baby bird hatching out of its egg.  I brought in hard-boiled eggs and we talked about how a baby uses its beak to “break out” of the egg.  So they each got an egg and had to break the shell and see if it was easy or hard to do.

They found that it wasn’t that easy to peel the egg, but I was so proud of them.  Not one kid asked for help.  They were determined to do this all by themselves.  Eva was the first one to blast through to the egg.  When she broke it in half and saw the yellow yoke, she was so excited and yelled out, “it hatched!!”  I started to laugh and giggle and then we all did.  Once the laughing was done, she quickly ate it.  So much for the baby chick being hungry.

The other kids took a little longer but finally cracked all their shells and got to eat their eggs as well.   Everyone like their eggs except for one.  See if you can tell which friend didn’t care for it, but was a trooper for trying.  (haha)

The last event before our Memorial Day break was Preschool Graduation.  I have the younger preschooler class, but we also have the older preschool group in our school and  nine of them will move on to Kindergarten next year.  Chaplain Chris did a very nice Baccalaureate service the day before and we got to attend this with the grandparents as well.   He talked about how you can be happy and sad at the same time.  Happy that they are moving on to Kindergarten, sad that they will no longer be at our school.  It was a really nice service that made the teacher’s cry a little, especially our infant teacher who has known some of these kids since they were six weeks old!

Now we are to Memorial Day weekend and enjoying some time off.  It’s a time to clean the house, get some of those awful chores out of the way that you promised yourself you’d get done over spring break and never did, and enjoy some grilled food.  We also want to remember those people who have died serving our country and thank those who are currently serving as well.

Happy May to you and I hope you get a chance to relax with your family and friends over this holiday weekend~


Our grill is getting a workout!




  1. As always reading your blog makes me smile and chuckle .
    I adore the relationships between the grandparents and children this is priceless .
    May is such an amazing month for the first signs of spring and all your friends learnt about it through exploring ,the very best way.
    Your little guy makes me laugh every time I see that face .Love the art work espically the paper quilt so colorful.BTW your bird shapes look like birds my friends had an extra wing or too 😀Happy Memorial weekend

  2. Wow Cathy, you found the perfect job!! On top of the fun of working with preschoolers, you get the proud feeling of bringing joy to the elderly.
    You get your job and volunteering all wrapped up in one!!! And the grounds are beautiful.

  3. sounds like you have a perfect job. sounds so fun and something new each day. Love!!!!!! 🙂

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