Back to the Vineyard~


This past weekend, a group of us headed over to Stillwater for an afternoon of wine tastings at the St. Croix Vineyards.  This vineyard was founded in 1992 and is also connected with Aamodt’s apple orchard.  They have nice bright red umbrellas that match the bright red barn.  These were perfect for shading the patio so you can hang out and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine after the tastings.  They also had a man serenading the guests throughout the afternoon.  He was a lot of fun to listen to and got everyone to join in and sing along with him for some of his favorite songs.


This patio was so pretty.  It also had gorgeous vines growing up and over the walkway as  you enter into the front door.  Sheri and I just thought it was the perfect decor for a vineyard.

They have a rustic tasting room in a restored century-old barn.  When we walked inside, it was very beautiful and picturesque.  They did a great job of keeping the “barn” feel to this room and it’s old age feel.  The ceiling was very high and you could get a sense of how this barn look back in the day when it was actually being used.

We picked a hot, steamy day for a vineyard trip, buy hey…it’s summer in Minnesota, so that didn’t stop us.  We had a very nice gal named Beth who came out to our table, poured our samples, and explained what we were about to taste.  She was very knowledgeable about their wines and we thanked her for keeping us hydrated.

We sampled six different wines and surprisingly, we all agreed that we like the whites best.  Most of us are red wine drinkers, but loved these whites at this winery.  Maybe the heat had something to do with it, but they were delicious and refreshing.

In between tastings, we wandered around the room looking at the fun things to buy.  They have their cork cages, bottle stoppers, etc…the usual things, but this caught our eye.  It is a wine bottle puzzle.  We all agreed that this looks like it would take a lot of patience to put together.   Do not try this after you’ve had a few drinks.  haha!


Can you say…frustrating!

Once we finished our tastings, we took our glasses outside for some fresh air and just relaxed with our friends and take in the surroundings.  Sheri, Jean, Claire and I then took a walk in the vineyards while the guys hung out at the picnic table and probably talked about the British Open Golf tournament.

It was a very fun day and sadly, most likely our last vineyard trip with Claire and Leo.  They will be moving to Pittsburgh at the end of the summer and we will miss them for sure on our outings.  I guess they will need to seek out wineries near their new home and invite us all out for a nice get together amongst their east coast vineyards.   Cheers~




  1. I believe this is one of my favorites , pretty vineyard with good wine and best of all great company
    I can’t believe we aren’t going to have Claire and Leo it’s going to be so strange.

  2. Great pictures! I haven’t been there in a long time. Sarah lives just down Manning in a townhouse from there. The girls are working at Blueberry Fields, not too far from there. I will be going tomorrow morning to see them and pick berries.

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