Its Been a Zoo Around Here!


IMG_6063Literally, it has been a zoo.  Nate and I and friends went there on Friday night for their Adult Night at the Zoo promotion.  We found out it was a very popular event when we were stuck in traffic leading up to the zoo entrance.  Took us about 45 minutes to get in and another 45 to get out of the parking lot when we left.  Other than that, we really did enjoy ourselves and had a fun night.  We met up with some friends, co-workers and my sister Terry and her fiancé Paul.  We found out that this was Paul’s first time ever being at the zoo.  Wow!   We had to make sure he had a good time and enjoyed himself.



The big attraction this year at the zoo is the kangaroo exhibit.  So once we stood in line for 15 minutes to get a beer, we headed out to the trail that lead us to these fun animals.  Nate and Terry couldn’t resist having their pictures taken at on of these “stick your head in” boards (not sure what to call them), so I played along and we got everyone to laugh.  It turned out pretty cute, don’t you think!

Once we arrived at the kangaroos, we were amazed that there were no fences along our path, only fences way in the back that surrounded their exhibit.  These things could’ve just walked right up to you if they wanted (which would’ve been cool).  Most of them were back by the fences, probably because there were so many people watching them.  We saw some cute babies, or “Joey’s” as their called, boxing each other as they played.


They are such fun animals to watch, especially how they hop around on those hind legs while the front ones dangle.  Very strange how they stay balanced.  ha~

We continued our night just walking around, laughing, sharing stories,  and finding out what animals we all like best.  The guys seem to really like the tigers, because we stopped quite a a few times to watch them.  We also saw the large grizzly bears, which are a huge attraction out here.  When we exited that area, we ran into my niece Courtney and her husband Mike.  You never know who your going to see at the zoo!


Always good to see family, no matter where you’re at.

School has been a “zoo” as well.  We’ve had two visitors this week that brought in reptiles to share.  The first gal had tortoises, gecko’s, and a cool bearded dragon lizard.  After she shared with us, the kids got to pet any and all of these creatures.  She needed some adult helpers to hold them, but I wasn’t quite sure about that, so I let my co-workers handle that job.

She did bring along some cuter varieties…a guinea pig and bunny.  Now those I would hold, but the Grandma’s & Grandpa’s wanted that job, so of course, we let them have the honors.

My favorite animal was the hedgehog that she had along.  He was adorable but very squirmy, so she had to hold onto that little thing.


The kids and grandparents loved it all.

Our next guest was the “snake” guy.  He had many types of snakes in all different colors and sizes.  I was surprised at how brave all the kids were as they wanted to hold and pet them.  (this is the part of my blog that Sheri leaves and jumps down to the beer night)…hehe

He started out showing us a turtle that he’s had for 30 years now, then quickly pulled out his 5 foot python snake that he’s also had for quite sometime.  All the boys said…”cool!”  I guess turtles are boring and we needed to get on to the good stuff.

He also brought along this really neat lizard.  He was a fat one, but another oldie that luckily is tame around people.  The kids were a little scared of this one (me too), because it uses it’s tongue to smell, so that thing was coming out all the time.  Ick!


I loved this picture.  Brave lady!

Next he took out a colorful snake from Arizona (can’t remember the name) and it was all curled up like a pretzel.  I asked him why he does this, and he said he’s not sure.  His tail was actually in a knot!  The kids wanted to hold this one…maybe because he was so colorful and smaller all wrapped up like that.

The last one he brought out was the Boa Constrictor.  Now these, I really don’t like.  So big and that head and tongue was sniffing all over us.  No thank you!  But again, my kids were braver than me (and they wanted their picture taken)  haha.    Even our Toddlers got involved.


I ended my zoo week on a little more tamer note with no animals around.  A group of us met at a local brewery last night in Shakopee to have some beer and pizza.  It’s called Badger Hill Brewery.  It’s owned by three local brothers who wanted to give brewing a try.  Many of their beers are now served at local establishments, so they are doing well.

They have a really neat tap-room and do tours as well.  We didn’t get to tour tho, since they only do them on the first Saturday of the month.  Oh well…maybe next time we’ll plan for this.

I did like this note on their website when I was looking the place up and knew I’d have to include this in my blog for my in-laws to my East.  They say…

“Not that Badger
We are not a Wisconsin brewery. A bunch of Minnesotans through and through. Although we like our neighbors to the East, our name was derived from the Old English meaning of Broc and Brent’s names. Plus, Badgers are tenacious, and so are our brewers.”

We had a great time and they have very good beer.  We all agreed, we’d come back again.

Loving summertime!




  1. What a busy week , I had to scroll very very fast through the snake guy with my eyes half closed 😜Loved the cute hedgehog. Super fun events and can’t wait to go on out next adventure with you.

  2. Awww, such fun times with all of those animals. I remember at Bright Start when Animal Adventures came and I was suppose to hold the snake…..I couldn’t do it!!! Yikes. We toured a Wild Animal Park at the Dells, very cute petting zoo for Eleanor.

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