Camping, Cars, and Community Helpers

We’ve been busy this August filling up our weeks with many fun activities.  My co-worker Jane, did a fun camping unit with the kids a few weeks ago.  She brought in a tent,  sleeping bags, stuffed animals, and some greenery to decorate the outside.  It looked and felt like a real campground in our room.  I loved the fire pit…she had real rocks and a pretend fire made out of tissue paper.  She used sticks with cotton balls on them to look like the kids were roasting marshmallows.  Very cute.


She was teaching them about safety around a fire, things to do at a campground, and animals you may see out in nature.  They had lots to tell us and enjoyed pretending to be outside.  At nap time, we let them have a flashlight on and pretend to look up at the stars.  They loved it.

My favorite part of the camping unit was when we made s’mores.  We made them the microwave, but watching them eat them was priceless.  First step was to show them the ingredients and have a little sniff of marshmallow.  Next Jane put them in the microwave then handed them off to me.  I gave the kids a graham cracker and had them give their s’more a “hat”.  They loved squishing the hat onto the marshmallow.  Mmm…made us all hungry.

It was a gooey mess, but they all had smiles in the end.

This week the grandparents are celebrating the county fair.  As a special celebration, Ebenezer had a car show this past Friday.  We got to attend and look at some pretty neat, old cars.

I didn’t get to see very many Grandparents out here that day, because I think they wanted the kids to go first and get “out of the way”, but I bet seeing these, brought back many good memories for them.

I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to these cars, but I was super surprised and how excited they were and how interested in them they really were.  They even wanted to see this inside and asked me to lift them up, so they could take a peek.  That Pink car was called, “Pink Panther.”  The lady who owns it came over and told the kids to look in the back seat.  She had a Pink Panther stuffed animal back there.  Of course…they have no idea who the Pink Panther is, but I laughed.  Very cute~

It was such a delight to see them interacting with the grandma’s & grandpa’s that drove these cars here today.  One of the boys’ favorites, was the jeep.  Boy did they love this and wanted so many turns in the driver’s seat.  I finally told them we needed to move on.

We thanked the man who drove the jeep here and one of my little guys crawled up into his lap for a hug.  Made me smile and the grandpa absolutely loved it.  So sweet~


This week we are talking about Community Helpers, so when they pulled in the firetruck and police car, my kids yelled out to me, “Ms Cathy…look, community helpers!”  Proud moment for me…they really do listen and absorb so much.

We also saw an old tractor and the farmer who still uses it today…but he told me he mainly uses it to plow snow.  (haha)  Love that he had on a John Deere hat.  Classic~

Who knew looking at cars could be so much fun.  When we got back to our class, I asked the kids which car they liked best…all the girls told me the pink car, boys liked the jeep, and one little guy like the red one best.  I think the shiny parts were a big hit as well.  I caught one of my guys always checking out the tires.  ha!

When we were done looking at cars, the kids all got a summery treat and a little entertainment from a local clown that was walking around.  She was teaching the kids how to spin a plate.  It was a fun way to end our morning.

I was hoping to see my old car from high school.  A ’64 Chevy Impala, but it was nowhere to be found.  It was a great car, kept me safe, and has given me many fond memories as I’m sure all of these cars we saw today have done for these people here.  It’s funny how a car can do that.  I guess we really do get attached to them.



  1. Love the camping theme. Sounds so fun! A lot kids probably don’t get to go camping so this was probably great for them. 🙂

  2. What a fun job Cathy, I am so glad you found it. So cool to mix grandma’s and grandpa’s with little kids.

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