A Thankful Holiday

Thanksgiving always comes and goes so quickly, but it’s one of my favorite holidays.  We had a couple of fun activities leading up to Thursday and that really got us in the mood to celebrate.

At school, we had the kids make place cards to take home for their own family Thanksgiving.  They used their fingers and a stamp pad to make colorful turkey feathers.  Then on the inside, we asked them what they are thankful for this year.  They really turned out cute and I hope the parents displayed them.

On Wednesday night, Nate, Megan, and I attended the 19th Annual Burnsville Winter Lighting Ceremony in the Heart of the City.  This was our first time going to see this and it was such a nice time in a quaint little setting.   We could stroll through the lights and enjoy free coffee, hot chocolate, fresh baked cookies, chicken sandwiches, and candy canes.  Of course, there was a special appearance by Mr. and Mrs. Claus as well.  The entertainment this year was the Sioux Trail Elementary Choir and the Burnsville High School Freestyle Singers.  This was the reason we went…Kelly is in the Freestyle choir.  They are a 16 person group that sing a capella.  They sang five Christmas songs, including O’Tannebaum, which they sang in German.  They did a wonderful job and it sounded beautiful.

When they flipped the switch to “light up Burnsville”, more than 200,000 mini lights, 230 streetlight snowflakes and a 30-foot-tall tree came to life.  It was spectacular to be right in the middle of that and see all these lights everywhere around you.  It was fun to take a few pictures amongst the lights.  Kelly’s boyfriend, Ryan came along to listen to her sing.

Thanksgiving day was a little different for us this year because we did not host the festivities.  We decided to take a break and have a quiet turkey day with just the four of us.   Well…we did have a great dinner, but it wasn’t turkey.


Our turkey remains frozen.

Megan isn’t a fan of turkey, so Nate decided to make a pork roast instead.  He started out by butterflying the roast, then putting on a layer of prosciutto, followed by a layer of chopped broccoli.  He rolled it all up, tied string around it, then browned it on all sides.  Once the juices were sealed inside, he put it in the oven and baked it nice and slow.  Not only did it taste incredible, it was so pretty to look at.

The girls helped make parts of the dinner as well.  Megan worked on the stuffing, while Kelly was in charge of the roasted butternut squash.  Nate was giving tips along the way and guiding them to success.  They both did a superb job and it was fun seeing them participate in the making of the meal.


Our house smelled so wonderful for hours and hours and we couldn’t wait till all the timers went off and it was time to sit down and enjoy this wonderful food that they all worked so hard on.  My job was to set the table and make it look pretty.  So I pulled out the traditional tablecloth, white plates, and nice glassware…the wine tastes better that way.   It was beautiful and felt very homey and warm at our table, just the way I like it.

Since we didn’t have the traditional turkey, we made sure to have the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert.  It was a simple frozen one, but we enjoyed it still the same with a dollop of Cool Whip on top.  Mmm…perfect ending.

It was a terrific Thanksgiving that was so enjoyable.  I hope you and your family had a special day as well.  Be thankful for family and friends.  They are important in our lives.




  1. I love that your girls are in the kitchen helping Dad out. A perfect way to celebrate thanksgiving. A wonderful way to kick off the season with the lighting of the tree ceremony with your girls.Happy Thanksgiving Solberg’s .

  2. Pork Roast is my favorite too!! Love Nate’s recipe. So cool about Kelly getting to sing at the light ceremony. The weather has been perfect for those outdoor activities. You are right about Thanksgiving just slipping by. Eleanor got to open her first window in her Advent Calendar today.

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