Mary Poppins


The Burnsville Theater has once again put on a spectacular performance.  Mary Poppins is the latest show and Nate and I went last night to see Kelly as Mrs. Winifred Banks.   This is a little tough for me to be writing today, because I keep getting teary as I write.  The reason…this is Kelly’s last show as a high school theater kid.   We all know this is truly Kelly’s passion to act and sing and this chapter is coming to a close here in Burnsville.

This show was filled with wonderful musical dance numbers, solos, and funny dialogue all rolled into one.  Kelly plays Mrs. Banks, the wife of a banker with two children…Michael and Jane.  The kids are naughty and need a nanny and Mr. Banks says “All the important people have nannies”.  That’s when Mary Poppins enters the picture and adds a “spoon full of sugar.”   Spit Spot!


Michael and Jane were played by two ninth graders, Sophie & Sophia.  They were fantastic and have a long, bright future ahead in the High School musicals…they also happen to be best friends in real life.

Kelly had many costume changes in this production and some needed to be done within 40 seconds.  Lots of people backstage helping her accomplish this task.  I saw the show twice and the first time, I didn’t even see Kelly in the “Step-in-Time” number, which are the chimney sweeps.  Last night, I looked hard and found her.   Not sure I would’ve recognized her, if she hadn’t told me where to look.  Amazing how these actors can switch around so quickly.  Here are her costumes.


We love her goofy glasses 


She’s the cutest chimney sweep, in my opinion!  ha~


Getting “swept away” by the chimney sweeps.

When George Banks tells Winifred that he may lose his job, she is the glue that holds the family together and supports George no matter what.  She turns up at the office and is ready to give the chairman a punch in the nose and tell him what she thinks of him.  This was a very funny part for Kelly and luckily she was wearing heels…these guys are all so tall.  In the end, George is a hero and is given a raise.  Winifred makes sure he gets the amount he deserves and the Chairman agrees with Mrs. Banks.

This show even had some “magic” moments, as you would expect out of Mary Poppins.  She made the children’s toys come to life, the statue in the park danced with the children,   Burt walked across the stage upside down, and of course, Mary Poppins and the children could fly!  This was so neat to see and Kelly said they had so much fun practicing.  Kelly didn’t get to fly and was bummed about that.  Sorry Kel, can’t do it all.


Upside down AND singing!


We’re flying!

Many of Kelly’s friends, neighbors and family always come out to support her and the Burnsville Theater.  I love that and happy that they are so entertained each time.  You all are the best!

With these people coming to see her, comes many flowers.  Our house looks so pretty & summery with all these vases full of color!  Thank you everyone!


At the final show, the seniors are recognized each year and receive a little token.  This year they were each given a wooden spoon with “A Spoonful of Sugar” written on it as their souvenir of the show with the date on the back.  Very nice keepsake for them.


So the final curtain has come down at Burnsville High School for Kelly.  We have been enjoying Kelly’s performances since 2nd grade when she played “Toad” in music class, from Frog & Toad stories, Betsy Ross in 5th grade, and of my favorite…Jasmine in 9th grade from Aladdin, and now ending with Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins.  She has come along way with her voice and confidence and it definitely shows onstage.  We say good-bye to this stage and hello to another this fall at UMD in Duluth when yet another curtain will go up and Kelly will be standing there ready to perform for us once again.

We love you!!!



  1. Darn, it has been such a busy time with us moving and all. I would have just loved this one!!! Thanks for the great pictures. Kelly looks so cute!!!

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