June Was A Party!

I’m not sure about you, but for us, the month of June flew by!  We started the month out with Megan coming home from Greece, Kelly graduating from High School, Kelly’s Grad party, then ended the month with my birthday.  Busy, busy, busy.


Kelly’s party was on June 23rd…the first Saturday in June that was actually nice out.  We were a little nervous about that, but Mother Nature cooperated and gave us a glorious weekend for prepping the party, all the way through the takedown.  Thank goodness for that.  Nate hung black/gold and a few maroon balloons from the trees out front, put up chairs & tables, and a canopy above them, just to be on the safe side.  We added black and yellow tablecloths and planters with gold flowers to match.   It all looked so festive!

Kelly wanted a ‘Dessert Party’ rather than a bunch of food.  I was able to order all the bars through my work, so all we needed to do, was cut them into bite size pieces the morning of the party.    Easy!!


8 boxes, we cut into 256 bars!

We also bought some cookies and some cheese popcorn for that sweet & salty mix that everyone loves.  And of course, a decorated cake.

The garage looked so nice when we finished decorating that too.  Kelly displayed all of her programs from the musicals and plays she was part of.  She also made a beautiful book of the shows she performed in and had her shoes from both acting and swing.  Lots of other memorabilia since 9th grade.  She also had all of her awards, grad cap & cords, Freestyle & choir items, and some fun pictures with friends throughout her high school years.   She did a wonderful job putting this all together and knew exactly how she wanted it.  She even added a little corner of UMD items.


The guest started arriving and our garage and front yard was filled with family and friends.  Let the fun begin!

Kelly had a neat idea that was so much fun.  We bought a “photo booth” package at a party store and hung it up on the outside wall of our garage.  It came with crazy little signs that you hold and just be a little silly.   She knew her friends would love this, and they certainly did.  We had to get in on this as well.   Too many photos to post, but here’s a sampling.

Kelly had many teachers from her Elementary school come to her party as well.  They enjoyed looking at her scrapbooks of when she was much younger and how she has grown into an adult.   It was a fantastic day filled with smiles and laughter and an end of a chapter for all of us.  We are officially done with school district 191and look forward to college graduates next…in two years!  yikes!!

Before I end this blog, I have to add a big thank you to these gals for helping us get through this party.  Shelly took all the pictures and Jean & Claire made sure all the plates and beverages were kept filled through-out the day, so Nate and I could relax and visit.  We appreciated that so much!!  You ladies are the best!



  1. Looked like you had a wonderful party. Wish we could have been there. 😥
    Kelly is beautiful inside and out. I remember going to visit her in the hospital when she was born and watch her grow into a beautiful, talented, sweet, smart, and a great big heart. You and Nate raised a beautiful young woman. She Is going somewhere great! I need to stop by in the next few weeks and give her a great big hug.

  2. Love the dessert party. Sarah did that for Madison too. Works out great. Kelly is going to love UMD!
    Beautiful party, beautiful family.

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